Spring 2011 Couture Season Is Here

Spring 2011 Couture Season Is Here.

People have been claiming that couture is dead because couture clients have been dwindling down and most rich people just buy ready to wear clothes that look like couture. I think this season is showing that couture is alive and kicking. The Chambre Syndicale de la Haute Couture has even added some new members in recent years. Couture will be here for awhile.

armani prive

The shiny, space age/1940s film noir look that Armani Prive reminded me of the film Blade Runner. Blade Runner seems to influence a lot of designers. The movie isn’t that great to me, but the costumes were fabulous. The thing that really caught my eye were the gorgeous hats, and the skirts with skinny pants thing. I noticed that trend elsewhere too. I think the tunic/skirt over skinny pants look is coming back. Be prepared to try it for yourself.


Chanel had that tunic/skirt over skinny pants thing too. It is really starting to grow on me, especially since Karl Lagerfeld used sequins on his pants. I am a sucker for sequins. I also like the dress with the puffy sleeves. I think I liked these puffy sleeves more than other puffy sleeves because they were big and not really small and tight. The patterns on certain garments gave me an Art Deco feel. I love Art Deco. I once designed a collection for class inspired by Art Deco architecture.

alexis mabille

I love Alexis Mabille. Every year he designs things that make my heart jump. I may not like everything, but the bulk of his collections need to be in my closet. The dresses remind me of some of the designer dresses from the late 40s, 50s, and 60s. They really remind me of the types of dresses Jacques Fath would design. He doesn’t get as much shine as Dior or Chanel from that time period.


So John Galliano outdid himself again. I totally want to cover myself in marabou and roses and float down the street. Who here can whip something like that up for me…say umm… PRONTO!? That dress is so sick, and can we talk about the watercolor and ombre smudge mark effects on the fabric. Galliano was inspired by former Dior fashion illustrator René Gruau, which made everything look divine. Speaking of divine, have you seen the makeup? Pat McGrath can you teach me a makeup class please? Those eyebrows and lips were killing it.

Photos from Style.com.

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