Beauty Bit-Unboxing the Spring 2016 Beautycon Box-Grav3yardGirl Edition

Spring 2016 Beautycon Box

Spring 2016 Beautycon Box

As you may remember from a few months ago, I am now a paid subscriber for the Beautycon Box. I love these boxes and recently did a video and blog post about my first Beautycon Box– The Bethany Mota themed box. They give you over $100 worth of products and gift cards to awesome stores. This box was curated by YouTube beauty guru and internet phenom Grav3yardGirl.

Why I love the Spring 2016 Beautycon Box-

I love that I can become familiar with old favorites are learn about new beauty products. I also love how the boxes are curated by popular YouTube beauty gurus. A seasonal plan is $29 every few months or you can pay $99 for the whole year. This particular box is more expensive than my Walmart Beauty Box. I am a fan of both boxes for different reasons. While the Walmart Beauty Box is great for drugstore brand products. The Beautycon Box has more high end products. I get a great mix of products between the two boxes.

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