Stefanie Bezaire’s New Fall Collection Is Eco Chic

Stefanie Bezaire’s new fall collection is full of hot fashion and cool recycled materials. You can expect fabrics like Organic Cotton, Bamboo,Recycled Polyester, Tencel, Linen, Silk and Wool. The  range goes from size 12 on up to size 20.

I am really excited for this collection because there are some really cute items. I am already in love with the Angled Scoop Neck Tee and the Pleated Pants. The Floral Print Blouse is my favorite piece in the whole collection. You can buy the clothes towards the end of November.

stephanie bezairestephanie bezairestephanie bezaire
stephanie bezairestephanie bezairestephanie bezaire

Jai From The Fat and Skinny

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