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I was able to interview Alicia from FFS in Columbia, SC. I was happy that she wanted to do this. I hope you all like this interview.

What is FFS, and how did you decide to start a company like this in Columbia, SC? We aren’t really known for being a fashion capitol.

FFS began as Fortress Fashion Shows. I put on my first show at the South Carolina State Museum to raise funds for 2 of my favorite charities, and had over 300 people in attendance and participation. After the show, the models continued to call and email, requesting help with their modeling careers as there aren’t a lot of options in South Carolina and they enjoyed working with our team. This birthed FFS Model and Talent Agency which now humbly boasts 65 models signed to our talent roster.

What services does FFS offer the modeling / entertainment community?

Fortress Fashion Shows offers the community another option for fun trendy entertainment. There are a handful of reputable fashion event planners in Columbia and we are just proud to be one of them. Our fashion shows are a way for people to meet, exchange contacts, have fun, purchase trendy merchandise from great vendors, and see our models in action on the runway.

FFS Model and Talent Agency offers aspiring and current models an opportunity to practice their craft in a safe and creative environment. Many of our models have come to us with horror stories such as:“eye candy” agencies, adult or night club promoters masquerading as modeling agencies, “modeling farms” that charge the models hundreds of dollars up front for photos and instruction and the models never book a single job with those agencies or even hear from them again after paying their money.

We pride ourselves on offering necessary services at extremely reasonable rates, and actually booking our models paying assignments in the Southeast. Taking a lot of pictures is fun, but it doesn’t pay the bills. Our models are carefully trained, well equipped, and given lots of one on one attention. My models can reach me directly any time day or night.

Your company produces fashion shows. How many do you usually do a year, and do you invite the public?

We have at least 4 fashion shows per year on our calendar (1 per quarter). We do invite the public as well as the friends and family of the models. We encourage anyone interested in fashion to attend our shows to learn about modeling agencies and fashion shows on a local level. We also encourage the general public to attend as a fun and relaxing form of recreation in Columbia SC.

What do you think about the fashion community in Columbia and South Carolina?

My personal and professional opinion is that it is very divided. I believe there are some wonderfully talented people in this state that love fashion. I also believe that due to a few bad apples, we have become territorial and afraid to unite together for projects and events. If some of the brilliant fashion designers, organizers, planners, photographers, MUA’s, boutiques, vendors, etc got together and really worked as a team, we could have a fashion presence in SC that would make major metropolitan areas envious of us. I think Columbia has a long way to go as far as unity, but I do believe we have a fantastic abundance of talented beings in Columbia.  

As far as the rest of the state, I believe the trendsetter has got to be Charleston! Ayoka Lucas and Charleston Fashion Week are truly South Carolina’s claim to fame in the fashion world. They give Columbia something to strive for and admire.

I know you are having auditions and a makeup workshop soon. When is that, and how can people that are interested in modeling or are looking for an agent get in contact with you?

We are having an open modeling call this Saturday on June 26th, 2010 at 1pm at the Sleep Inn on East Exchange Blvd off of Garners Ferry Road and a Makeup Application Workshop (taught by Make Me over Eb’s Ebony Looney) that same day and location at 12 noon. Anyone that is interested in participating in either event may contact us through our website: www.ffsmodelandtalentagency.info or by phone: 803 7287997 or by email: [email protected]

Thanks for the interview.

Thank you so much! I appreciate you taking the time to do so! Have a wonderful day!

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