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Are You American Apparel’s Next Big Thing?

American Apparel The Next Big ThingA couple of years ago I spoke to Dov Charney about starting a plus size clothing line. Now he is doing a plus size model contest.  They want to find someone to model their new size XL (12-14). It will be interesting to see who they pick, and what happens from here. I wonder if this is successful, which it totally is already, if they will extend their sizes some more.

New NSFW Illustrated Ads At American Apparel

American Apparel Ad

Photo from Copyranter.

This week American Apparel has launched a new set of NSFW illustrated ads online and elsewhere. I started noticing the ads yesterday on other blogs and in the sidebars of other websites. The ads mark a stark change from the old ads that were very 1970s porn throwbacks that looked like something Terry Richardson would have shot.

A few months ago Dov Charney started presenting a new ad campaign featuring him and two of his hipster, sexy lady employees sitting on a bed talking about how the company was changing. Those ads were not illustrated, but shot with a camera. He also started to move his company from 70s discotheque wear to 70s preppy country club wear. Now these new illustrated ads might be another sign of the change that is supposedly coming to American Apparel.

If you look at the ads, they look the same as any other American Apparel ad campaign. The only difference is that they are drawn and not shot. Both ads show scantily clad ladies modeling American Apparel. One ad is even more shocking because it shows a woman’s unshaven bush, but then again it is American Apparel. We can’t be too surprised, shocked, or awed by this.

Click below for the photo of the bush
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My Boycott of American Apparel Is Over

My self-imposed boycott of American Apparel is over. Now before you bite my head off, please read below. Even though American Apparel has been dragged all up and through PR Hell the past few weeks, Dov Charney made himself completely available today. He sent out a message with his phone number and his email address on it. I contacted him via email, he emailed me back, and then we spoke on the phone. I can’t really say what we spoke about because I would like to keep some things to myself, but the conversation surprised me. I am excited for the future, and I hope everything works out so I can bring you some even better news in the future.

Photo From The Cut

*Thanks Mikelle for the heads up today.

This Is So Not Cool!

Today is the last day to enter in the Maurices Tote Contest!

Even though I am not surprised by this at all, it still pisses me off. I am going to boycott American Apparel for a while. I really want them to make plus size clothes because I love their basics. Oh well. I guess I will just have to come up with an American Apparel company for the market they don’t want money from.

From Jezebel:



Recently, LA-based BBW, adult star, erotic performer and model April Flores went to American Apparel. She asked the showroom rep if they ever considered making plus sizes, and the woman told Flores, “That’s not our demographic.”
Lillian Behrendt saw this anecdote on Flores’ Facebook page and blogged about it at her site, My Unacceptable Body. Behrendt writes:

It’s funny that youth-centric companies like American Apparel are so fascist about the size of the women they’ll cater to, but are much more permissive when it comes to their male clientele. This is where I found the loophole through which I have been supporting a company that openly discriminates against people who look like me. I wear American Apparel men’s briefs. Almost exclusively. I probably have about 20 pairs. The picture of me on the About page? I’m wearing a purple acid-washed deep V-neck from American Apparel. I have lots of their deep V-neck shirts, not to mention a pair of suspenders, some dresses that are WAY TOO SMALL and two bowties. Not your demographic? Are you fucking KIDDING me? 

Actually, American Apparel’s men’s slacks don’t come with a waist size larger than 34 — which, at a traditional company like Land’s End, is a medium.

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Get Halle’s Look For Less

Now you can get Halle Berry’s look for less. Here is the original post on the dress. She is wearing a Herve Leroux dress. Herve Leroux is the same man as Herve Leger. He changed his name and sold his line to BCBG because the fame, generated from his bandage dresses, got a little too intense, but he is still making bandage dresses soooo…

Anyway, his dresses usually costs about $4000, but you can get a much cheaper version from our favorite sleazy dress store, American Apparel. This dress costs $46.00. Photos from YBF and American Apparel.

Jai Went Shopping Today

I am so excited!!!!!!!! I finally got the earmuffs from American Apparel in black and I also bought their purple vinyl fanny pack to hold my camera, phone, sunglasses, and other weird objects while I watch the swearing in and inauguration parade.

Then I went to Target and bought these Sigerson Morrison Divya Crystal Pump shoes that I wanted last year but they didn’t have in my size. I guess it pays to wait because they only cost me $9.54.

Hate it or Love it

I really love the American Apparel Circle Scarves. I know everyone has seen the ads on just about every website for them, so you know what they are. I bought one in slate and loved it so much that I bought one in black for me and one in black for my mother. She could not get over how soft it was. We also share an olive colored scarf. All of my scarves are warm, but I love my black one because it is made from a thicker material than the other two that I own. I feel like it should really keep me warm in D. C.

I also like how there are so many things that you can do with this scarf. Because it is seamless, you can make it into a dress, capelet, tube top, head wrap, hood, or a hijab. I even found some new ways of wearing it just by playing with it on my own. Try one on today. They cost $28.00, but I have seen SMALLER?!?! versions that cost $20 more at department stores.

What I Need

I’m going to Washington D.C. for the big inauguration, and it is going to be cold, much colder than what I am used to down here in the South. I have a few scarves, gloves, and leggings to go under my jeans. What I really need are some earmuffs. If your ears are cold, then the rest of your head will be too.


I really like these earmuffs from American Apparel. They come in quite a few color combinations, but I really love the black because they can go with anything. They cost $20.00.

I also like these cheap earmuffs from Urban Boundaries that are on sale for $4.99. They come in four colors and wrap around your head like a head band with two fuzzy earmuffs on the sides. I really like them because they are cute and uber affordable.

These earmuffs are too cute. They are white which means they can get dirty easier than darker muffs, but they are heart shaped. Who doesn’t like hearts?