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Rihanna for Vogue

Rihanna's American Vogue Cover

Look what came out over the interwebz while I was in the mountains this weekend…Rihanna’s rumored Vogue cover. She tweeted about it a little prematurely a few months ago, and now we can finally see the real thing. She looks great on the cover. A lot of people think she looks like Ariel from The Little Mermaid and I concur. What do you think? Photo from Fashion Bomb Daily.


Also to all of my Japanese readers, my heart is with you right now. I have a friend over there who is running low on food, and is without water and electricity. She also lives near one of the nuclear reactors. If you live in Japan, have some kind of tie to Japan, or are just a kind human being, please try and help in any way that you can. I gave to the Red Cross. They are usually pretty good at helping in these situations.

I’m Sitting On The Fence

Rachel McAdams is on the January 2010 cover of Vogue. I really like the hair and makeup and Prada outfit. It reminds me of the classic pin-up look, but they brightened up her face too much. It looks like there is a glare on her face. I was really hoping for something different for the new year *cough cover with actual models cough*, but I see nothing has changed. Photo from Fashionista.com .

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Bad Bish

OK! So I know I said last week’s Bad Bish post was gonna count as this week’s too, but that was until I saw Rihanna for Vogue Italia. Anna Wintour dropped the ball again when she dropped Rhi Rhi from and American Vogue cover. It is gorgeous. Now I am going to stalk my local Barnes and Nobles for the issue. Does anyone know when it comes out?
Photo from Oh No They Didn’t.

UPDATE: How could I forget the September issue of i-D mag. This is perfection! I love Chanel Iman, Sesilee Lopez, Jourdan Dunn, and Arlenis Sosa. Photo from YBF.

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Stop The Presses…..

From the Imagist:

Looks like NYC has a new destination this summer…C’est Beast where last Thursday all the glossy kids ( from Nicola Formachetti to Mario Testino to Sonny Groo to Stefano ) partied till the break of dawn. Keep it cute ! …In other news TI picked up the hot hiss this weekend that US Vogue is quietly getting a revamp in light of the on-going ad slump. Think a new circle of models, an influx of fresh, young photographers and a desire for “unpredictability” in the stories. Well it is THE biggest brand in the business no?

P.S. Don’t you just love this cover? I think one of the things American Vogue should do is bring back the model cover instead of the movie star cover. I love movie stars, but I would much rather see them on the cover less. I mean come on guys, a fashion mag should have fashion models. DUH!