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LaRoque Spring 2011 Debuts


I know we are just getting into the holiday and winter season posts here at TFAS, but LaRoque just debuted her Spring 2011, and I am so proud of her. You might recall that I interviewed Annabelle in her studio last Spring. She had big dreams for her custom brand, and they are definitely beginning to blossom. LaRoque’s spring line is going to be in 17 stores across the Southeast. That is so amazing.




The clothes are what I would like to call “Southern Belle Goes To Palm Beach Chic”. They are cute, fun, and sassy. Pink, teal, white,and black are the most used colors in the collection next to the yellow and orange printed pieces. The skirts, shorts, tops, and dresses are very preppy and feature LaRoque’s signature bows and ruffles. Annabelle most certainly knows her customer, and I can see them gobbling up this collection.

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The Fat and Skinny Interviews LaRoque!!

Last week, for school, I was given the task of interviewing someone in the fashion industry from my hometown. I turned in my article and finished editing the videos on Monday. On Friday, I interviewed Annabelle from LaRoque. The buzz around town about her was crazy, so she was the obvious choice. For those of you who don’t know who she is, well here is your chance to find out.  I really love her shop, clothes, and personality. She is so great, and I want to thank her for letting me come into her studio to interview her. You can check out her shop and custom made dresses here.