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Exhibition A

Exhibition A


Inna Dream Land Expand`s depicts El Bosque de Oma, a forest in Cortezubi, Spain that was painted by Spanish artist Agustin Ibarrola. Borthwick captures a moment that illustrates harmony between nature and man: the human-touched trees look both out of place and yet completely at home. Look closely and you will notice that this is a mirrored image—a quiet acknowledgment of balance in nature.

You guys know that I am a fan of art. Now I can get my art fix because a new website called Exhibition A has launched. Most of the artwork on the site starts at $100, but that is really cheap when you think about the fact that you are getting great quality art. I already see some art that I would like to buy for myself. If you don’t want the art for you, you can buy some art for someone else. It is the Holidays after all. Click here for an invite to this exclusive website.

Also check this out for more information:

Exhibition A is a new members-only website offering exclusive editions of work by prominent contemporary artists — including Terence Koh, David LaChapelle, Richard Phillips, Nate Lowman, Rene Ricard, Josephine Meckseper, Aleksandra Mir, Brad Kahlhamer and Olivier Zahm — for $100 to $500.

All editions will be available for purchase at www.ExhibitionA.com for a limited time. Select editions are also available at the Gagosian Shop on Madison Avenue in NYC.

Now at www.ExhibitionA.com , which just launched in beta, users may view and pre-order editions by Richard Phillips, Hanna Liden and Mark Borthwick. Interviews with collectors Simon de Pury and Cynthia Rowley are also live.

Exhibition A was started by Bill Powers, owner of Half Gallery on NYC’s Lower East Side and judge on the Bravo tv series Work of Art, in conjunction with designer Cynthia Rowley, Laura Martin and Gabby Munoz. The idea behind Exhibition A is to foster the next generation of collectors — the young and culturally-savvy who are interested in contemporary art and owning works but hereto have had no accessible options.

Check Out This Video Featuring Cynthia Rowley and Move! at MOMA PS1

MOVE! is a two-day “art and fashion explosion” taking over all three floors of MoMA PS1′s Long Island City hub. It’s happening this Saturday, October 30 and Sunday, October 31 from noon to 6:00 PM and is open to the public.

MOVE! will feature a series of collaborative performances and temporary installations created by fourteen fashion designers teamed up directly with fourteen artists.

You Asked For It…

A few of you asked me to show some of my favorite pictures from The Sartiorialist’s new book. Well a good majority of the photos are my favorite for various reasons, so this was a very hard decision. I hope you like the ones I picked, and please pick up the book. It is amazing!

OH! I shot my first photoshoot for my friend’s birthday party over the weekend. We have another shoot coming up. They are both 80’s themed since she was born in the 80’s. I hope she eventually let’s me show you all the photos.
The Sartorialist BookThe Sartorialist BookThe Sartorialist BookThe Sartorialist BookThe Sartorialist BookThe Sartorialist Book

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