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Currently Craving – Kristin Miles

Kristin Miles

It’s ‘Currently Craving’ Thursday; today’s featured brand is Kristin Miles. Kristin Miles is a plus size clothing store that has provided women of size traditional clothing for the past 24 years. If you aren’t familiar with the name Kristin Miles, maybe you’re familiar with the name Missphit; the name that the brand by before they “grew up” as the site’s blog said back in 2011. If you love Aztec prints, stripes, and polka dots then this is the perfect site for you!

While browsing the site, I saw that no price is over $99 and the one price that was over $99 has been cut in half and is currently $49! Kristin Miles offers great prices, excellent fitting options, and affordable prices; what more could you ask for?

Below, I have highlighted a few of my favorite pieces from the collection!























Shop the Kristin Miles collection now! ‘Like’ them on Facebook too!

What do you think of their collection? From what you’ve seen above, is this something you could see yourself wearing?