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Currently Craving: Sporty Spice

Sporty Fashion
Sporty Spice
Graphic and article written & illustrated by Denesha (Intern)

This week’s currently craving item, really isn’t an item, it’s a trend; sporty spice. No, not sporty spice from the Spice Girls. The fashion trend that hit the runway during fashion week. In his [second] show for Balenciaga, Alexander Wang showed us just how to wear this fashion trend. The model in this image is wearing a structured crop top with a tennis skort. However, there are many ways to sport this trend! The thing that makes this trend unique is the fact that there are several different trends within it. For instance, you have:

  • Sporty Mesh
  • Bomber Jacket
  • Embellished bomber
  • Track Pants

Sporty Meshalexander-wang:
To achieve the sporty mesh look, you can layer a camisoles or a bandeau underneath the netted fabric. You can also pair this look with leather shorts or a pair of track pants.



prabal-bomber jacketBomber Jacket:
The bomber jacket is perfect for cool nights in the spring, this lightweight, sporty jacket can be paired with a pair of cigarette length pants, better known as slim length, a pair of basketball shorts, not the baggy pair of shorts, the old school Magic Johnson/Larry Bird shorts.



Embellished bomber jacket:
If you’d like to take your bomber jacket to the next level, embellish it!





Track PantsTrack Pants:
Have you ever worn track pants with a pair of heels? Don’t think it could be done? Think again! When it comes to the sporty spice trend, almost everything is acceptable! You can pair a pair of track pants with a crop top, and a pair of heels and be on your way!

What are your thoughts on this trend?

The images in this post were found via the Google search engine, Vogue, and Balenciaga.


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Resort 2012

The Resort 2012 collections have been coming out everyday for the past two months or so. I hate Resort and Pre-fall collections because they always come out at sporadic times. I wish they could all come out in like one week or so, or have the designers release their collection photos at scheduled times. The collections that you are about to see are just a few of the ones that I like. All photos are from Style.com. Thoughts?

z spoke by zac posen,zac posen, erin fetherston
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Paris Fashion Week Fall 2011 Explodes

Between the Galliano saga, the rumors that Pilati will leave YSL, and the sad rumor that Decarnin was a no show at the Balmain show because he was in a mental hospital, I have no clue what to think about Paris Fashion Week Fall 2011. Everything has gone crazing. Paris is truly burning. I had a small bit of time to look at the recent shows, which really means I looked at them around midnight when I should have been in bed. Here are some that caught my eye.

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Paris Fashion Week Spring 2011

Paris Fashion Week Spring 2011 has begun and it is looking really interesting. I have been perusing Style.com, as usual, and I found some things that caught my eye for better or for worse. Some designers are doing really well and others are sticking to their same tired formula. Pictures from Style.com.

Balenciaga is always hard to wear. This season’s collection is no different. I feel like you have to be built like a tall, skinny box to be able to wear these clothes. That being said, I usually like the collections, but this season I wasn’t a fan. The collection just wasn’t flattering on most bodies or by themselves.
Balenciaga Spring 2011
Zac Posen made some beautiful clothes this season. Everything looked like it could of been couture, which is one reason why some people don’t see a need for separate couture shows. Designers like Zac Posen and Alexander McQueen have basically been making couture without being apart of the haute couture in France. I still think they should be separated, but that is neither hear nor there. What is here is the fact that Zac delivered with this collection.
Zac Posen Spring 2011
The first words that popped up in my head when I saw the Carven collection were cute and sexy. I could see this collection as my fashion editor goes to fashion week looks because they remind me of Anne Dello Russo.
Carven Spring 2011
Damir Doma is a new name to me, but I like what I see. His mostly orange collection was right on target. Most designers have either been using orange or white as the main color for their collections. His orange was very tangerine and bright.
Damir Doma Spring 2011
Dries Van Noten was very light, airy, and feminine. I really loved the watercolor look and feel of the collection. One thing that I am noticing about these new spring collections is that big shapes and silhouettes are definitely coming back. Big, drapey looks mixed with one even bigger or really tiny element will be important next spring.
Dries Van Noten Spring 2011
Check out tomorrow’s post for more Paris fashion.

They’re Back!!!

New Shoes Up At TFAS Shop!

Those lusted after Balenciaga knockoffs by Sam Edelman are back at Shop Nasty Gal! I am pretty sure that those that first spent hundreds thousands of dollars, on the Balenciagas, and those that spent $350 on the SE Zoe boots are probably upset that they can now buy these boots for $198. Yep the price went way down. But I guess that is great for those late bloomers. I was in love with that boot, but couldn’t afford it at the time. I probably won’t be buying it this time either. My heart belongs to another shoe,bag, dress, and whatever else my mind is going crazy for at the moment. Photo from Shop Nasty Gal.



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Check out this neat little video. I heart Pat McGrath so much. She serves as a make-up artist and successful black woman inspiration to me. Pat McGrath does such amazing work and she hasn’t had any formal training!

I have been dying to try this look for quite some time. I think I will after finals.

From Makeup Paparazzi

Paris Spring Fashion Week Post 2

I really loved the Balenciaga show because the clothes didn’t look boxy and linebackerish. The colors were great. They were layered on the fabrics in blocks. Then there was a blending of rough and smooth textures and shapes. It was a good show. I wish I was there.

Bruno Pieters is a Belgian designer whose collection was full of the most amazing draping I have ever seen. The collection consisted of the colors nude,white, and black. He had sheer pants and bodcon dresses. The one piece I loved the most was the shorts aka blown up bloomers.

Martin Grant’s collection was very beautiful and very chic. It actually reminds me of the things I had to design for class. He had jumpsuits, one shoulder dresses, and jodhpurs. You cant go wrong with jodhpurs in my book. I also like the tiny buttons on the sides of some of the garments. That was a neat touch.
Photos from Style.com.