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30 Beauty Holiday Gifts From Sephora Under $25

beauty holiday gifts

Ok so this was supposed to be a 25 beauty gifts under $25 post like my housewares gift guide last week, but it turned into a 30 beauty holiday gifts under $25 when I went to Sephora over the weekend and had a little too much fun. I just couldn’t resist. I really couldn’t help it. I went into Sephora to use my $20 off $50 gift card that all of the Sephora VIBS get and well… I did some damage. I am supposed to be saving money, but I was just too tempted.

Anyway I came out with some of the new nail polishes from fashion designers Marc Jacobs new beauty line. A review is in the works. While you wait for that, check out my beauty gift guide below. You are sure to find a lot of cute beauty products, some of which are on sale and are below $5. Beauty steals for the win! By the way, have you entered in my blog contest for a $140 Target gift card? Don’t forget to enter.

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