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Beauty Bit- Crown Brush HD Brush Set Review

Crown Brush HD Brush Set

I received this Crown Brush HD Set with Mirror and Tweezer from Ifabbo.com. I am so glad I got this set. This vegan friendly brush set comes in three cool colors, and is really small and portable. This would make the perfect travel or everyday set. It is also perfect for beginners.

I love that it is only $27.95, which makes it very affordable. The Crown Brush HD Set comes with a removable mirror, tweezers, and enough brushes to line your eyes, pat on some eyeshadows and blend then together, and put on some blush and powder. The bristles are soft, yet do a good job of smoothing things out. The contour brush is small and compact and perfect for my liquid concealer. It really is my favorite brush.

This set works with creams, powders, and liquids. I think it works best with powders and liquids. The contour brush might work with creams the best though. It really is a great buy!

Buy this brush set from Crown Brush here.

My Natural Hair Journey – One Year Without A Relaxer

My Natural Hair Journey

My Natural Hair Journey


I just have to share my natural hair journey with you. I can’t believe that this weekend marked one whole year without a relaxer. My last relaxer was on November, 15th 2012. Crazy to think about it. This is my second time going natural, and I am really committed to it. Transitioning to natural hair hasn’t been as hard as I thought it would be. To be quite honest, I had heard all of these horror stories. I thought I was going to have the hardest time combing my hair and taking care of it, but I haven’t. Praise the lord! Clearly I’m doing something right.

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Beauty Bit-Nanacoco Lip Gloss Is The Best Beauty Supply Store Lip Gloss

Nanacoco Lipgloss Is The Best Beauty Supply Store Lip Gloss

Nanacoco Lip Gloss is the best beauty supply store lip gloss. I had always heard good things about it from other beauty bloggers and saw lots of things about it on Twitter and Instagram. Everybody loved it. I mean they raved about the lip gloss. I tried to find it at some on the beauty supply stores near me, but I couldn’t find it until I randomly stumbled one 15 minutes from my house.

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Perlier Imperial Honey Body Butter Review

Perlier Imperial Honey Body Butter Review

I recently received the Perlier Imperial Honey Body Butter to review from iFabbo. It is a really thick body butter that is supposed to moisturize dry skin. It smells like pure honey because it is made from African Black Bees and Royal Jelly. I like putting it on after I get out of the shower when my skin is damp because it seals in the moisture. It costs $40 on HSN, but you can get it for $5 off if you use code iFabbo5.

Click here to buy the Perlier Imperial Honey Body Butter.

Beauty Bit- BA STAR Holiday Red Lip Pencil Review

ba star holdiay lip pencil

Thanks to Brandbackers(partnered post) I was gifted the BA STAR Holiday Red Lip Pencil to review. So umm can we talk about how great that lip pencil is…. It is only $8.75!!!! I think it is great because it is a good matte lip color, but it doesn’t dry my lips out and make them peel. Plus I can put gloss or lip chap on top and it doesn’t move. It is really hard to find a good matte lip color that doesn’t move of peel my lips up.  Because BA STAR is a cosmetics company for cheerleaders and dancers, the matte lip is formulated to last. Trust me you will have to reapply after eating yes, but I didn’t have to reapply until after my first meal and third drink.  The Holiday Red color is perfect for me because I love a lush red lip. The color looks so good with my skin tone, but it looks great on other skin tones too! BA STAR was nice enough to give me a coupon code (BBLIPS) to share with you all for 50% off. You better go run and get these lip pencils!

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Fall Beauty and Winter Skin Cures To Start Using Now

elf mascara

Face moisturizer

The transition from fall to winter can be overwhelming for women. For instance, skin becomes drier, and everyday beauty products can become neglected. Here in this post, I will be talking about some products that will make it easier to maintain your skin in winter and still keep up with the fall trends. Some common products I researched will help to eliminate dry skin. Starting with the face, Complex 15 Face Moisturizer is a top seller at Drugstore.com for only $5.50. This is a great item to invest in simply because it cures that dry feeling skin gets in this season. Another important item to look into is the Neutrogena Hand Cream for $4.50, also from Drugstore.com. Curing winter skin in your hands is really important; I mean who wants to feel scaly? Neutrogena Hand Cream can help that.

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Beauty Bit- Perlier Volcanic Thermal Spa Thermo Renewing Scrub Review

Perlier Volcanic Thermal Spa Thermo Renewing Scrub Review

I received the Perlier Volcanic Thermal Spa Thermo Renewing Scrub from iFabbo weeks ago, but wasn’t able to review it until this weekend, and I can honestly say that  I love it.  The scrub is made with volcanic stones that don’t feel like they are striping my skin. Actually the thick liquid texture of the scrub makes my skin feel very soft and smooth after I exfoliate. I used it on my feet, and I had my dad use it on his feet. We both liked how smooth our skin was afterwards, so I know this is definitely a product I will be using to combat fall/winter dryness. If you remember I tried their Lemon Sorbet product and loved that as well. Perlier makes some great beauty products, and they are all available on HSN. Make sure you check them out and don’t forget that you can get $5 off with coupon code iFabbo5.

Beauty Bit-I Did The Sephora Color IQ and Bought the Lancome Teint Idole Ultra Foundation

Lancome Teint Idole Ultra Foundation Sephora Color IQ

I went to the mall and did the Sephora Color IQ thing and ended up buying the uber expensive Lancome Teint Idole Ultra Foundation. It really does make my skin look smooth, but it also left it looking ashy since it has a really matte finish. I also think the Color IQ machine scanner thingy matched me wrong. Watch my video to hear about the rest of my experience with the Sephora Color IQ.

Beauty Bit-Beshe Drew Wig Review

Beshe Drew

Remember when I wrote about the Beshe Drew wig in my All Natural Style Secrets post Well I bought another one. This time I bought the wig from Elevate Styles in the color 4. For the non-wiggies out there, wig colors are categorized by numbers, and a 4 is basic brown wig. I am really loving the lighter color. I said that I wanted to experiment with color, and I am finally doing it. The Beshe Drew wig looks so good on me. It took a little bit of an adjustment, but I think I am going to be buying more wigs in that color.

I bought both versions of this wig from Elevate Style because they have the most colors, and the best price. Youtuber ColouredBeautiful has a video where she tries all the colors on. If you are not a fan of curls or full wigs…don’t buy this one. It is pretty big when you first put it on and gets bigger the longer you wear it. It is easy to cute so you can shape it to your face, and the 2 inches of parting space looks realistic. The hair texture is really natural looking for a synthetic wig. The Beshe Drew wig is like a fine wine. As cliche as that sounds, I am telling the truth. The older and frizzier the wig gets, the better it looks. I get so many compliments on it. This wig is on sale at Elevate Styles for $29.88! Get it and you won’t regret it!

Beauty Bit- Freetress Equal Lace Front Deep Invisible Part Nelly Wig (OP99J) Review

Freetress Equal Lace Front Deep Invisible Part Wig Nelly

This is a review of the Freetress Equal Lace Front Deep Invisible Part Nelly Wig in an OP99J. The wig is really beautiful, and actually looks better than I thought on.  I wanted to try a new color without dying my hair, and I think the purple-deep burgundy color looks great on me. I am going to have to put concealer in the lace part to make it look like my scalp color, but even the white color on the scalp lace looks realistic on my head. The only problem is that the wig cap is too small. It doesn’t even feel like a medium. I am really going to have to stretch it out. It has two combs in the front and one in the back, as well as little straps in the back to loosen or tighten it up. I got this wig from Amazon. It was $31.41 after shipping and handling. If you want a good price on the wig, do a Google search. Even Amazon had the same wig for different prices for each different color. SMH!


Beauty Bit- Finally A Visual Guide To Makeup Brushes

makeup brushes

I finally found a pretty good visual guide to makeup brushes. I found it on Pinterest, but it actually comes from Maskcara‘s blog. She lays out most of the important brushes you will ever need/use and then tells you how to use them and how much coverage they give you. I think the graphic is easy to read and easy to follow. The graphic uses symbols to show you her personal favorites, which makeup brushes are the absolute basics, and then she goes into which brush is used or powder or cream or liquid. You really can’t go wrong with this chart. This chart is really good for those just starting to build their collection of makeup brushes. If you are looking for some makeup brushes that really do the trick without breaking the bank, try E.L.F. Cosmetic’s Studio brushes.

makeup brushes

Beauty Bit: I’m Staying Radiant With Aveeno Positively Radiant Intensive Night Cream

Aveeno Positively Radiant Intensive Night Cream

I recently received the Aveeno Positively Radiant Intensive Night Cream complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes, and I love it! I wasn’t particularly sold on it at first, but after trying it out for about a week and a half, I can honestly say that my skin is much brighter. This night cream has vitamin B3 and soy in it as it’s two main ingredients. They are supposed to improve tone, dullness, brown spots, texture, and blotchiness.

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Beauty Bit- How To Prepare Skin For Hair Removal

How To Prepare Skin For Waxing

I wanted to do this video to show you how to prep your skin before and after you do some kind of hair removal process since the weather is getting warmer. To prep your skin before and after you have to follow a this regimen. It is super easy to follow, and has been working for me. If I don’t follow these steps, my skin hates me later. Here’s to happy, non-itchy/irritated skin! Happy Waxing!

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Beauty Bit- Rimmel Stay Matte Long Lasting Pressed Powder Review

rimmel stay matte long lasting pressed powder

I bought the wonderful Rimmel Stay Matte Long Lasting Pressed Powder at Walmart last week. It is a pretty great powder I can see myself using throughout the spring and summer to keep the shine off of my nose. I love it and it only cost around $3. Try to use a fluffy powder brush with it or a kabuki brush. You don’t have to use a ton of it on the brush because a little bit goes along way. Lightly puff the Rimmel Stay Matte powder on your face or you will end up looking like a clown. The color I used is called transparent. They have other colors, but I think transparent is more universal. The powder says it lasts 5 hours. I don’t know if it lasted five hours, but my nose was grease free for quite a bit which is great because it usually looks full of shine. I recommend the Rimmel Stay Matte Long Lasting Powder.

Beauty Bit- Revlon Colorstay Ultimate Suede Lipstick vs. NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream

Matte Lipstick

Hey guys! I took some time off to do personal stuff last week, but I am back to bring you the battle of the matte lipsticks. I bought these lipsticks myself. The Revlon Colorstay Ultimate Suede Lipstick was less than $10, but the pack of three NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream was $12 at Urban Outfitters. The opponents , Revlon Colorstay Ultimate Suede Lipstick vs. NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream, fought really hard. Unfortunately I am not a fan of these lipsticks/lip creams. I was really intrigued by the colors and thought they would look great on, but the formula for both products is horrible, very drying, and peels like no other.

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Prima Donna Lipstick and Lip Polish Review

Prima Donna Lips

Today I am bringing you a review of the Prima Donna Lipstick and Prima Donna Lip Polish from http://www.iamprimadonna.com. The colors I received were Sassy(lipstick) and Lollipop(lip polish). They are really fun colors that look great on everyone and only costs $10.99.

Song used under the creative commons license:
Peeks by Everlone

FCC: I was given these products. This is an honest review.

Beauty Bit-The Best Edge Control Products for African American Hair

edge control products

I decided to do this video on some the edge control products I found in my local beauty supply stores. Edge control products are mainly for African American hair, and slick your edges back like hair gel. They actually seem like a gel and a pomade, depending on what product you buy. Some edge control products look like lotion. The ones I bought look like a hair gel. Hicks Edges is the best. While I wish it had better ingredients in it, it will hold my hair forever and have it laid. Ampro Shine ‘n Jam Silk Edges is my ultimate cheap favorite. Hicks Edges can be priced anywhere from $12 to $20 depending on the store you go to, but this Ampro product only set me back about $3.09. Score! The Creme of Nature Argan Oil Perfect Edges was $5.99 or so , but sucked. The only good thing about the product was that it smelled good. Watch the video above.

The Best Edge Control Products for African American Hair in the Video Listed from Best to Worst:
Hicks Edges
Ampro Shine ‘n Jam Silk Edges
Creme of Nature Argan Oil Perfect Edges

FCC: I bought these products with my own money.


Beauty Bit-Martha Stewart’s Homemade Bath Salt Recipe

Homemade Bath Salts

Homemade Bath Salts

I found a wonderful homemade bath salt recipe from Martha Stewart. Now this is not something for you to sniff, snort, or smoke and go zombie on someone. This is to make for yourself or for a friend so that you all can relax and soak your worries away. The instructions for the homemade bath salts are super easy. You know how I love a good beauty DIY.

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