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Brazil Finally Gets A Plus Size Magazine

I think this is a great idea for Brazil. I hope the magazine does extremely well in Brazil. The cover model is the beautiful Fluvia, and you can’t go wrong Brazil’s top plus size model export. The magazine’s mission, of building self esteem, is one I can stand behind.

From the press release:

First Plus Size women’s magazine in Brazil 

On the cover Fluvia Lacerda

In early June 2010 will be a novelty at all newsstands in Brazil.
Publisher Digicamp which is in the market for more than nine years with
the Tour Guides will launch a new magazine for female.
The Beleza Em Curvas (Beauty¬† os Curves) is a new concept of women’s
magazine is the first publication of the Plus Size segment in Brazil.
There you will find several themes of the feminine as: Fashion, Beauty,
Health, Welfare, Gender and Behaviour. Interviews with people from
different areas and renowned celebrities.
The editorial fashion is one of the main points of the magazine, which
each month will bring a model wearing the clothes of the main garment
above the dummy 46.
The goal of the magazine is to show the readers of this universe that
actually exist Plus Size women, like them and that can and should show
to all people who are happy the way they are. And prove to herself that
the self-esteem is fundamental to good being of any person.
With national (Brazil)distribution and dedicated to the public between
20 to 50 years for class B and C. Beleza Em Curvas magazine takes a lot
of information to serious journalism and with plenty of entertainment
for readers, and of course always emphasizing self-esteem.

twitter: @belezaemcurvas
Site: www.belezaemcurvas.com.br
Facebook: Beleza em Curvas