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Paris Fashion Week Is Still Going On!!!

As much as I love paying attention to all of the different fashion weeks, it can get overwhelming. Can you imagine if I had to travel to all of them. I did New York this year that was crazy. I mean it was fun, but it was crazy ripping and running all over town, and doing homework, and doing blog work. Anyway….I think Paris Fashion Week ends on Wednesday. In the meantime, check out these collections. Photos from Style.com.

John Galliano designed some kind of sailor themed Christian Dior show that seemed more Gilligan’s Island than anything. It wasn’t bad. When I heard the reports of a sailor themed show, I said to myself uh-oh not another sailor themed fashion show, but I liked it. I think it was the colors and prints that did it for me.
Cacharel was beautiful. The colors were amazing. The prints were amazing! Very impressed with what I saw. I would buy so many of the dresses in that show. They were so bright and beautiful.
Jean Paul Gaultier gets a standing ovation from me. He used plus sized models again. AGAIN! He used Beth Ditto, Crystal Renn, and Marguita Pring. The collection was inspired by rock and roll and Joan Jett, hence the wigs.
John Paul Gaultier
Viktor & Rolf’s collection was inspired by the men’s shirt. I love how they took said inspiration and made pants that looked like they were made from shirt arms, and big linebacker tops that looked like shirt exploded many times over. The design duo always know how to create something creative that you might not have thought of doing before.
Viktor & Rolf

Beth Ditto For Evans and The Alloy Fall Preview

Beth Ditto For Evans

The Beth Ditto For Evans collection went online today. Some of the clothes really look cute. I had planned on buying at least one item, but I couldn’t really find anything to tickle my fancy except this motorcycle jacket. It is really hot, but I already have two motorcycle jackets. One looks like a bomber jacket, and the other one actually looks more like a motorcycle jacket. I decided to pass.

Alloy Catalog Fall PreviewAlloy Catalog Fall Preview

I am in love with the new Alloy catalog. They just mailed their fall preview and it is hot. They have some very cute clothes that are very spot on as far as trends are concerned. They also have new brands like DKNY Jeans, Divine Rights of Denim, See Thru Soul, and Silver Jeans. I am thinking of buying these camel colored heels and this military jacket. Alloy’s accessories are also on point. The belts are so cute and the leopard print purse is adorable. As always, Alloy has extended sizes for my fellow Big Gurl’s Club members.

Photos from Evans and Alloy.

The Gossip On Beth Ditto

This just in from England via Catwalk Queen:

OMFG! So it’s no secret that Beth Ditto was hand-picked by Katie Grand to be LOVE magazine’s first cover girl, but we had no idea that she was going to bare all for the job. The sensational Gossip singer has stripped off a second time to launch the debut issue of LOVE (the last time was for NME in 2007). Advanced copies are set to hit Dover Street Market and Harvey Nichols from Saturday now instead of today because apparently they are still being printed. Although if you’re in the area, it’s worth a look.