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So I don’t know if you have noticed, but the blog was dead for a hot minute and so much has happened.

I had a nice little lunch with my blog mentor downtown.

My blog finally made the switch from Blogger to WordPress. Let me tell you the guys at Blog Wranglers did an awesome job. If you want to make the switch from Blogger to WP, and you don’t know how… they can help.

Also have you seen the news… Halle Berry is the first black women to cover Vogue’s September Issue since Naomi in 1989. I think she did a rather fierce job at it too. Photo from The Fashion Bomb.

My interns have come up with some great posts for this week. I can’t wait to post them.

Be sure to tune in Monday at 7:30 PM EST at Make Me Over Eb’s Blog Talk Radio Show where I will be speaking on some cool fashion topics.

If you find that the rss feed hasn’t moved like it is supposed to, let me know.