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Bronner Bros Mid Winter 2013 Haul

Here is a haul of all of the items I bought at the Bronner Bros. Mid-Winter 2013 Hair Show.

You can find these items for sale at the following websites:

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Peeks by Everlone

FCC: I paid for these items myself. This is an honest review.

Bronner Bros. Mid-Winter Hair Show Recap!

Bronner Bros. Hair Show

Bronner Bros. Hair Show

I am finally home from the Bronner Bros. Mid-Winter Hair Show 2013. I am so tired and sore from all the walking and standing and doing, but I had a blast! I can’t wait to go back again. I bought a ton of items, and handed out several business cards. I really think I found some new brands to cover for the blog. I never made it to any of the classes, but that is okay. This was my first time at the largest exhibition in the world. I learned what to  expect for next time so I can plan accordingly. I want to leave you with some of pictures that I took at the event. Also, check out the blog in the coming weeks when I review some products from the show!
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Bronner Bros. Mid-Winter Hair Show Day One

Bronner Bros. Hair Show

AHHHHHHHHH!! Mom and I are having a blast at Bronner Bros. braving the wind and the cold, and all of the incredible vendors inside. I have already bought things that I plan on reviewing later and sampled other products. My hands have more creams and oils on them I’ve ever had on them before. They should be baby soft right now. I think I am going to put some pictures up of all the crazy hairstyles I’ve seen so far on my Facebook page, so stay tuned for that. They are wild, and I know you want to see them. Tomorrow we are going to go to some makeup classes and peruse the vendors again. Mom is acting as my assistant. She is helping me tape things, and is really having a blast! I would also like to say thank you to the media coordinators for the event. They were really helpful.