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Shoes! OMG Shoes!

I always love the shoes from Go Jane, but I never have the courage to buy them. I can buy clothes online, cameras, books, whatever, but my feet are so weird that I cringe at the thought of buying shoes online. Sometimes I just go ahead and do it because I know a certain store is not in my town. These particular wedges are really cute and very summery. I can see a lot of girls wearing these with some summer dresses. I really love the straps on them and the fact that they are wedges, which makes the shoes comfortable and easy to walk in. The prices aren’t that bad either. I might have to get the second pair.

Screen shot 2011-02-04 at 8.05.24 PM

I could so see someone wearing these shoes with this shirred beaded halter maxi dress that comes in purple or mocha for $28.80. All photos from Go Jane.

Screen shot 2011-02-04 at 8.05.39 PM

More Spring 2009 Fashion Trends

Like I said before, there are entirely too many trends to count for this coming spring, but as usual, the overachiever in me wants to bring you another Polyvore chock full of trends. Let’s recap shall we? There are going to be ruffles, plenty of pastels to go around, tailored jackets, structured shoes, and jeans, jeans, and more jeans. Now I want to tell you about the other trends that are going to be out there in the streets because I know some of you do not like the airy, floaty side of spring. This one is for my rocker, glamour, glitzy chicks. Black and white were also big colors for spring. You are going to want to buy caged heels and sandals. I saw a pair at Bebe that were so cute. A lot of their shoes look strangely similar to some that I know I saw on a few big named designers’ runways. *wink wink* Anyway moving on. You also might want to be on the look out for big mini skirts (oxymoron huh), rhinestones, platform shoes, sheer fabrics, satin and silky fabrics, jumpsuits, and unfortnately for the people who will try these and fail miserably, HAREM PANTS!

more spring 2009 trends by koalaqutie