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Plus Size Brand Carmakoma Is Coming To ASOS



As usual, the Carmakoma collection looks divine. Carmakoma has always been one of the sexiest and trendiest (without being tacky) plus size clothing lines out there.  The  oversize blouses and heavy coats look amazing!  The pencil skirts have a sexy, sumptuous look to them as well. They hail from Europe, so you will need to measure yourself to get the sizing right if you buy straight from their website. For the past few seasons, that was the only place to buy Carmakoma goodies. Starting August 1st, you will be able to find them at ASOS. Fashionable fatty girls rejoice! I know I am. Photo from Carmakoma.

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Sneak Peek Of Carmakoma Fall 2011

Carmakoma Fall 2011 Here is a little sneak peek from the awesome plus size brand Carmakoma. Carmakoma is known for their hot, edgy plus size apparel, and this new collection is now exception.

I love Carmakoma because I feel like this is one of the few plus size brands that fits my style. I am more into experimentation, and this is why this brand delivers.

Carmakoma is designed and made in Europe, so it has an edge to it that American plus size brands don’t have. If you want to experience the brand , but are short on cash… check out their sale happening now.

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Carmakoma Boost Your Carma Video

I would have posted this video last week, but I was on total holiday mode. I think the Carmakoma video is visually stunning and has an amazing message. I think the message is great for woman of all sizes, even though it is coming from a plus size clothing line. How many times have we been judged by the little number inside our clothes? It is ridiculous. Check out this awesome video.

Boost your carma Size is a number – confidence is a choice
Carmakoma’s new film ”Boost your carma” is a vivid illustration of the curvy woman of today. Check it out here!

”The main character in the film is like the carmakoma woman. She feels free in her body, uninhibited by other people’s opinions. With an understated decadence she is  playing with the forbidden showing her bold femininity and her urge for life in a sophisticated and extremely sexy manner,” says Heidie Lykke and Angelica Weiss, the two women behind carmakoma.

The film is created as a visual collage with a boost of feelings, states of mind, actions and expressions. The carmakoma woman likes challenges and to explore herself. However, she finds calmness and strength from inside. All of these qualities makes her beauty radiate. The gorgeous styles on her body establishes a balance between her inner and outer expression og you are not in doubt about her identity. She is a pioneer who is not afraid to use her femininity in her stride forwards. Like a modern Marilyn Monroe

In a celebration of the curvy woman the film is inspired by Helmuth Newton’s classical and iconic fashion frames and an observing and sensual camera posture like the filmic portrait of “the perfect human” by the Danish film maker Jørgen Leth.

Carmakoma Wants Women To Seize The Day

Carmakoma’s new Carpe Diem collection is all about seizing the day and being your own woman. As usual, Carmakoma’s clothes are edgy and hot. I already see some items that I want for myself.

“The carmakoma woman is a true ’warrior prin- cess’. With feminine grace and charisma she is al- ways ready to generate her own success – without minding other people’s opinions. And as a modern femme fatale she is not afraid to use her femi- ninity as a way to achieve her goals”, says Heidie Lykke, head designer of carmakoma.