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Marc Jacobs Will Leave Louis Vuitton For Dior

Marc JacobsThat is the rumor going around. I first heard about Marc Jacobs leaving Louis Vuitton for Dior about a month ago and brushed it off. Now WWD is reporting on the rumor. If they are reporting on it, then the rumor must be true, or at least have some thread of truthiness. Jacobs is supposed to take buzz around the Dior label and turn it from bad, i.e. Galliano drama and lackluster runway reviews, to great. While Ricardo Tissci is still in the running for the job, Jacobs is seen as the new front runner. Phoebe Philo will reportedly take his place at Louis Vuitton, while still running things at Celine. One door opens and another one closes.

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Paris Fashion Week Fall 2011 Continues To Roll On

Paris Fashion Week continues to roll on without Galliano…well not quite without him. His namesake collection showed in a small salon in Paris to a smaller crowd than usual. Twenty looks went out with his usual 1930s elegant flair. He is such a genius, and it sucks that he had to fall so hard, but racism and anti-Semitic remarks will not be tolerated.

The looks that Cédric Charlier designed for Cacharel were somewhat bland and boring to me. The only thing that saved the collection were the prints.

I don’t know if it was the hair or makeup or clothes, but the looks at John Paul Gaultier were very old and matronly. I really think I would have to see these clothes off the runway to get a better look at them.

Christophe Lemaire did a great job of bringing the 70s and Asian silhouettes back to Hermes. I loved the colors, patterns, and shape/cut of the fabrics in this collection. Oh and the leather word was devine. Good job!.

Giles Deacon is doing his best to bring Emanuel Ungaro back from the brink of destruction. While I think this collection could have been a little better, it is a wonderful change from the drama and bad design we saw with the line’s previous designers.

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Trend Report: Leather



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The fall/winter season has seen an interesting juxtaposition.
On the one hand, we have the demure lady-like looks of the 1950’s and the return of old Hollywood glamour.
On the other hand, we have the return of the bad-ass babe, pulling references from the fetish culture right and left.

I personally think that the mix of the two is simply delicious.

One way designers put a little dare-devil into their collections was a liberal use of leather.
The little leather biker jacket, liquid leggings, and black boots *yawn*….

Time to stretch your boundaries a bit and pull out the leather over-the-knee boots, skirts, dresses, shorts and did I hear a request for a great cognac leather shirt a la Celine?

Of course, the question is always how to wear leather without looking like a dominatrix in training.

Pick a Statement

One fabulous leather piece is enough to add edge to an otherwise boring outfit, or try wearing a piece with leather cut-outs or leather piping for just a touch.

Sugar and Spice

This is why the lady-like look seems such a natural look to match with leather to me. The easiest way to tame down leather is to pair it with something girly or conservative for a fabulous contrast.

Lighten Up

Try a cognac or blonde leather instead of black to make the look lighter. Bonus, it will also make it easier to wear during the day, and appropriate for spring and (in the colder climates) summer.

How to Care for Leather

Keep in mind that leather is in fact skin, just like yours.

So when you first bring it home, spray it with a leather protectant to keep it from drying out, protect it from water and make it easier to clean.

Oil and polish it as necessary to keep it from cracking or to repair scuffs.

Try to keep it from getting wet (as much as possible, but hey, life gets in the way). If it does get wet, just let it dry in a cool, dark room. If it dries too fast it will crack the leather. For shoes, stuff them with tissue or soft cloth to absorb all of the moisture.

When you do need to clean it, don’t use solvents or soap, instead just use a warm damp cloth on leather or a soft brush on suede.

And of course, pleather is always a great vegan option, which you can keep clean with just a little soap and water.

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