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Save Money: Shop at the Dollar Store

ShopHow many of you spend more than $200 just on Christmas decorations, bake-ware, gift wraps as well as gift bags, plates and napkins? A lot of you, I know; now let’s not forget about the cost of the gifts! Many of you may spend well over $400 just for Christmas; well that’s about to end. I’m here to tell you how you can save money this holiday season by shopping at one of my favorite stores, the Dollar Store.

At the Dollar Store, you can find many of the items that are on your last minute ‘To Buy’ list. Items such as:
1. Gift bags- if you aren’t much of a gift wrapper
2. Wrapping paper, which is where I always get my wrapping paper and scotch tape from.
3. Stocking Stuffers, like candies, boxed puzzles
4. Christmas Cards – there is no need to purchase a Christmas card for $4.95 plus tax when you can get a box of 16 or 20 Christmas cards from the Dollar Store for a $1.00.

For more Christmas savings, take a look at the Dollar Store Online Catalog below.


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What are some of your favorite holiday items to purchase for less than nothing? Sound off below!

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Living Large-Recycling Old Christmas Cards To Make Holiday Decor

Recycling Old Christmas Cards To Make Holiday Decor

Recycling Old Christmas Cards To Make Holiday Decor

Have a ton of Christmas cards, and you don’t know what to do with them? Well fear not because you can totally use them to garland for next year. This tutorial is eco-friendly and helps you recycle old cards instead of letting them either collect dust in your home or being wasted in a trash dump somewhere. Have fun and happy holidays! Check out the tutorial here!