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Trend Report: The 50’s

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While Fall ’09 saw the return of the 80’s, Fall ’10 is all about the 50’s silhouette. While it can come across as costumey if it isn’t your usual look, this is actually an incredibly flattering and traditional feminine style that everyone should try at least once.

Focus Girl

The main part of this look is the focus on the waist. The 50’s style is characterized by the nipped in waists which accentuate or give the appearance of Jessica Rabbit-esque curves.  So make sure that the waist is fitted at your natural waist (above the bellybutton but below the ribcage) and that’s half the look right there.

A Little or A Lot

But that’s not to say that just because you’re wearing a fitted and flared skirt means you need to pull out the kitten heels and pearls. To keep the look from becoming a period costume, pair your 50’s silhouette with modern accessories, such as a pair of converse sneakers or your favorite tee.

Flatter the Figure

If you listen to nothing else, hear this: THIS IS ONE SERIOUSLY FLATTERING TREND. It balances out a large bust, covers a large bum, or even if you’re straight as a rod it will help you fake some va-va-voom.

So my dears, how 50’s will you go?

Just a touch

A little

A little by erind90 featuring a vneck dress

Here’s a nod

Full on 50’s

A lot

A lot by erind90 featuring topshop tops


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