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Paging Sherlock Holmes Please…

For a few years now, we have been hearing about luxury apparel and jewelery heists in and around London. People have been robbing stores and warehouses using any means necessary including motorcycles. Now they are robbing from delivery trucks. I may not be Sherlock Holmes or work for Scotland Yard, but I seriously believe these are being carried out by the same or similar groups of people. It has to be, right? Now someone has robbed Posh Spice. They took her entire collection that was in route to be sold at Neiman Marcus in America. Hopefully the pieces can be made quickly, or they are able to find out who did this so they can get the dresses back.

Photo and story from Vogue UK’s website:

The dresses, said to be worth up to £350,000, were taken at knife-point from the driver after their collection from 19 Entertainment’s head offices in west London on Thursday. The driver was not seriously hurt but was left bruised and shaken following the attack.

“This operation was meticulously planned. The thieves must feel they can make a fortune selling the collection on the black market,” a source told the Daily Mail. “Victoria was informed straight away about the incident and was shocked and deeply saddened, although her first priority was the well-being of the driver.”