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Trend Report: Orange

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One of the punchiest and hottest hues for spring is coral’s close cousin, orange. While all of the zesty colors are definitely in for summer (think grapefruit pink, lemon yellow, lime green…) orange has been popping up everywhere.

Unlike coral however, this can be one tricky shade to pull off, and while it tends to look best on chocolate or porcelain skin tones where the color can really pop, with a little help anyone can pull it off.

For warm skin tones, look for yellow based oranges such as the dress on the far left.

For cool skin tones, try a red or blue based orange, such as the dress in the middle.

Don’t know what your skin tone is? Check out our post here.

And as always, accessories are a great option. I still fondly remember an orange clutch that I took everywhere last summer (and later went AWOL at a little cafe in August. Sigh.) hopefully I’ll find a suitable replacement this season.

And just a personal preference, stay away from black. There’s no need to bring on the Halloween references. Instead pair with neutrals (orange and dove grey look stunning together) or go bold with poppy brights.

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A Lot

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Trend Report: Color Blocking

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There’s just something about spring that brings out all of the peacocks of fashion. So one trend that we saw on the runways was color, color and more color! Even more trendy was putting all of those colors together in one outfit in large bold swatches, aka color blocking.

So how do you pull of color blocking? There’s really no figure flattery rules, just pick three or four of your favorite colors (preferably complimentary colors such as blue and orange so that they really pop) and pile them on!

But here’s a few guide-lines to get you started:

Stick with solids,  as patterns+crazy colors = crazy lady. If you have a loud personality go for it, but if you’re new to wearing lots of color stick with solid colors.

Buy clothing that is already color blocked such as the dress above. Put it on and voila! Easiest color blocking ever.

Still color shy? Try adding one or two black or white pieces to ground your look, as seen on the far right. That way it isn’t a full body look, but you still have the color blocking effect.




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