Crafty Feast Features: Verabelle

This week’s Crafty Feast Features is spotlighting Verabelle, a crafty brand from Charlotte, NC that reworks vintage goods into incredibly unique items. Verabelle sells cute vintage apparel and shoes, hair accessories, and the cutest appliques so you can get your design on too. Maybe you prefer vintage housewares to vintage clothe? Try Verabelle’s Attic for…… Continue reading Crafty Feast Features: Verabelle

Crafty Feast 2011 and Sweeteeth Chocolates

I am so behind the times with this post, but I have been so busy with school. Two Saturdays ago late I went downtown¬† to brave the rains and hit up Crafty Feast 2011.¬† It poured down rain as soon as I got there, but the rains soon let up and I got my shop…… Continue reading Crafty Feast 2011 and Sweeteeth Chocolates