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Crafty Feast Features: ORB Clothing And Lightnest

ORB Clothing
ORB Skirt

The last Crafty Feast Features post will focus on ORB Clothing and Lightnest bags. They are two of the three vendors I bought things from. I bought a pretty pink skirt from ORB and a gorgeous purse made out of vintage fabric. I am really in love with my items. ORB’s Etsy page is bare right now, but she has her number up. If you are in the Asheville, NC area, you can also buy her skirts locally. Lightnest’s Etsy shop is up. If you want to know more about her purses, you can also find her email address on her Etsy page.

Lightnest bags
Lightnest Bags

Crafty Feast 2011 and Sweeteeth Chocolates

I am so behind the times with this post, but I have been so busy with school. Two Saturdays ago late I went downtown  to brave the rains and hit up Crafty Feast 2011.  It poured down rain as soon as I got there, but the rains soon let up and I got my shop on.

I bought the decadent Sea is for Caramel bar from the Sweeteeth booth. The lovely Laura from Fool 4 the City bought this same dark chocolate with sea salt and caramel bar in Charleston during fashion week. Laura you were right. It was so divine. Ahhh!

I had such a blast visiting all of the designers, artists, and crafter’s tents. I am going to make sure I make it back there next year. I have so much to tell you about Crafty Feast that I decided to do a weekly post introducing you to the fun and creative people that I met that day. Be on the lookout for those posts, and while you are waiting…go get you some Sweeteeth Chocloate.

P.S. Sorry for the grainy webcam picture. I am having technical difficulties.

Sweeteeth Chocolate