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Today I Die A Slow Death…

Today I die a slow death. You see I have a slight problem. I like ridiculously high shoes. Well I like all shoes, but you all now that. Anyway… No matter what type of shoe I put on, my feet hurt. It could be a flat, a wedge, a pump, or a platform. I put pads in my shoes, but my feet still hurt. Well I take that back because the only shoe that doesn’t hurt my feet are Crocs. I haven’t owned a pair of those in four years, and the only foot pads that work are these extremely thick pads that are so thick they barely fit in some of my flat shoes.

Wearing platforms doesn’t help either. I have bad feet and knees, and they don’t care about Dr. Scholl’s or a platform heel. Then to add to the drama, I sometimes have to buy a size up because my feet are very wide. So instead of buying a size 10, I am sloshing around in a size 11. Another problem I have is that I can’t wear strappy shoes. Strappy shoes are one of my favorite type of shoe. I love them but my toes are so short that only the tip of my big toe fits under the first strap. LOL! So you see I have a problem. I need to create a shoe line for people with funky feet like me!

Unfortunately I saw these shoes today on Refinery29.  They are from Pierre Hardy’s spring line. I know I shouldn’t feel upset about not being able to fit or wear the shoes right because I can even afford them, but what if I could? This foot dilemma sucks major ass, balls, and titties! Oh well I guess a girl will just have to dream, and wait for the day when she can design her own shoes.