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Beauty Bit- Curls Unleashed Product Review

Curls Unleashed

Here is a review of some of the Curls Unleashed products that I either bought myself or got as a sample at the Curls Unleashed booth at Fro Fashion Week! I think these products are great. I just think I should have used the curling jelly/cream separately instead of together. My 4a hair can’t take that. The Curls Unleashed Moisturizing Conditioner is my fave product. I use it to co-wash with every week because it leaves my hair very soft and it is great for detangling my hair as well. You can find them at any local drugstore, beauty supply store, and Sally’s/Walmart/Target chain. All the products are less than $15.

FCC: I paid for some of these products myself and also received some as free samples. This is an honest review.