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TFAS Reviews: Curtsy & Bow Organic Nail Lacquer

Curtsy & Bow Organic Nail Lacquer

I recently received an email about a new brand of organic nail lacquer called Curtsy & Bow. The email piqued my interest because the information stated that the lacquer lasted up to 10 days and was 3free ( dbp, toluene, and formaldehyde free). Of course you know I had to ask for a sample.
I was quite surprised at how fast my samples came. Conveniently they arrived in my mailbox the day I was going to repaint my nails. I hurriedly opened my package and was delighted to see not one, but two bottles of Curtsy & Bow nail lacquer from the inaugural Yacht Club Collection.  After examining the nail lacquer, I am pretty sure that Curtsy & Bow founder Melissa Huynh is on to something here.

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