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TFAS & Jeff Silverman Shoes Collaborate


Last September, I went to the IFB Emerging Influence Conference. One of the many sponsors there was Jeff Silverman. The shoe company was sponsoring a contest for a free pair of shoes, and I was one of the winners. Jeff Silverman’s slogan is “Fashion Nirvana. You Desire It. We Make It.” and that is the truth. The website sells ready made shoes and custom made shoes.

I’m sure you can tell which option I tried. I decided to make a pair of high heel desert boots. I have always wanted a pair, so now I had my chance to design them myself, with the help of Jeff Silverman of course. All I did was give them some images for inspiration and tell them what I was looking for in this particular shoe. You can design yourself some shoes, or pick a pair of ready made shoes. Go to Jeff Silverman now.