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Caution Detour Ahead!

Photo from Flickr.

The past week or so has been rough.

  1. I’ve been sick since Valentine’s Day. I feel better, but I still have a lingering, nagging cough.
  2. I did advisement for classes, and it turned out pretty wretched. I have to take classes and do my mid-point review this summer. I don’t have any classes scheduled for next fall because the other class I need isn’t being offered this summer or fall. The other classes I need to take later on are on hold because I can’t even try to take them until I pass my mid-point review.
  3. So now I am probably not moving to New York City this summer, or any time this year.

I am trying to think positively. I am trying to tell myself that it is all for the best… etc… etc. I guess I just need to be patient and let life happen as it is supposed to happen, but I feel like I am missing out on certain opportunities. Everything happens for a reason. I just hope these setbacks are happening for a good reason.