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Are You American Apparel’s Next Big Thing?

American Apparel The Next Big ThingA couple of years ago I spoke to Dov Charney about starting a plus size clothing line. Now he is doing a plus size model contest.  They want to find someone to model their new size XL (12-14). It will be interesting to see who they pick, and what happens from here. I wonder if this is successful, which it totally is already, if they will extend their sizes some more.

New NSFW Illustrated Ads At American Apparel

American Apparel Ad

Photo from Copyranter.

This week American Apparel has launched a new set of NSFW illustrated ads online and elsewhere. I started noticing the ads yesterday on other blogs and in the sidebars of other websites. The ads mark a stark change from the old ads that were very 1970s porn throwbacks that looked like something Terry Richardson would have shot.

A few months ago Dov Charney started presenting a new ad campaign featuring him and two of his hipster, sexy lady employees sitting on a bed talking about how the company was changing. Those ads were not illustrated, but shot with a camera. He also started to move his company from 70s discotheque wear to 70s preppy country club wear. Now these new illustrated ads might be another sign of the change that is supposedly coming to American Apparel.

If you look at the ads, they look the same as any other American Apparel ad campaign. The only difference is that they are drawn and not shot. Both ads show scantily clad ladies modeling American Apparel. One ad is even more shocking because it shows a woman’s unshaven bush, but then again it is American Apparel. We can’t be too surprised, shocked, or awed by this.

Click below for the photo of the bush
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My Boycott of American Apparel Is Over

My self-imposed boycott of American Apparel is over. Now before you bite my head off, please read below. Even though American Apparel has been dragged all up and through PR Hell the past few weeks, Dov Charney made himself completely available today. He sent out a message with his phone number and his email address on it. I contacted him via email, he emailed me back, and then we spoke on the phone. I can’t really say what we spoke about because I would like to keep some things to myself, but the conversation surprised me. I am excited for the future, and I hope everything works out so I can bring you some even better news in the future.

Photo From The Cut

*Thanks Mikelle for the heads up today.