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Fall Beauty and Winter Skin Cures To Start Using Now

elf mascara

Face moisturizer

The transition from fall to winter can be overwhelming for women. For instance, skin becomes drier, and everyday beauty products can become neglected. Here in this post, I will be talking about some products that will make it easier to maintain your skin in winter and still keep up with the fall trends. Some common products I researched will help to eliminate dry skin. Starting with the face, Complex 15 Face Moisturizer is a top seller at Drugstore.com for only $5.50. This is a great item to invest in simply because it cures that dry feeling skin gets in this season. Another important item to look into is the Neutrogena Hand Cream for $4.50, also from Drugstore.com. Curing winter skin in your hands is really important; I mean who wants to feel scaly? Neutrogena Hand Cream can help that.

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Beauty Bit-ELF Disney Villains Collection

elf disney vllains

I went to Walgreens this past weekend and picked up two items from the ELF Disney Villians Collection. Every set in the collection, even the nail polishes, is just $9.99. That makes it one of the most affordable makeup collections I’ve seen in awhile. Each makeup set comes with a mascara, pencil and liquid eyeliners, lip gloss, eye shadow primer, and a set of six eyeshadows. There is also a set of nail polishes too.

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Beauty Bit-E.L.F. Essential Holiday 14-Piece Nail Cube

E.L.F. Essential Holiday 14-Piece Nail Cube


Even though I talked about the Ciate Caviar Nail Gift Set last week in my beauty themed holiday gift guide, I think the E.L.F. Essential Holiday 14-Piece Nail Cube is much cheaper and more affordable for most. Just like the other nail polish set, the E.L.F. Essential Holiday 14-Piece Nail Cube has all of the trendiest colors. I actually like E.L.F. nail polish. I have used them in the past, so I think I might buy this set. Pic from E.L.F.

Beauty Bit- ELF Cosmetics Radiance Enhancers

Beauty Bit
elf radiance enhancers

I love ELF Cosmetics Radiance Enhancers. They are the truth! Elf Cosmetics makes the best quality makeup at the cheapest prices for those beauty lovers on a budget, and the Radiance Enhancers are no exception. Coming in at $3, you can get one of three colors. Spotlight is a little pinkish. Sunrise is more of a creamy pearl color, and Golden is gold of course. For my brown toned skin, I prefer Golden. I dab a little on the top of my cheeks right underneath my eye and voila! I look like a golden goddess. The consistency is thick and creamy, but also a little liquidy so you can apply it easily. I recommend getting since they are so cheap and amazing. Photo from ELF Cosmetics.

Viva La Recessionista: Plato’s Closet 2

Hey Vivas! Here is my video about my experience at Plato’s Closet. I hope you enjoy it. Please feel free to ask me any questions in the comment area below. Check out my blog Viva La Qbee03 to get info on the Color 101 kits from E.L.F. that are available at Target stores everywhere now 🙂

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Ha Ha at my surprised look 🙂

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