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A Small Guide to Swedish Fashion

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If there is any successful brand from Sweden it is probably Acne. It has absolutely nothing to do with acne at all, it’s just short for Ambition to Create Novel Expressions. Sounds a lot more cheerful, right?

Acne was founded in 1996 as Acne Jeans in Stockholm by Jonny Johansson as a part of Acne Studios. The brand also creates magazines (Acne Paper), toys (Acne Jr) and Movies and TV ads (Acne Film).

Acne is by far the Swedish brand that has actually “made it” outside Sweden (H&M not included) and creates clothes that are typcial for swedish boys and girls to wear, but still it’s something new. Every season they are praised on every fashion blog across the country and their clothes are either flying off their shelves or copied by every budget brand there is.

Of course there’s a lot of successful Swedish brands, but I doubt they have made it internationally as much as Acne has.