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Emilio Cavallini FW12

Emilio Cavallini


Emilio Cavallini showed hosiery and bodywear for the adventurous woman. As the models sashayed up and down the runway in various states of dress and undress, you could tell that amount of looks you could get from a wardrobe of Emilio Cavallini could be infinite. Everything was shown from fishnets, to snake prints, to every kind of zigzag and color. It was just enough to keep me interested.

Photos from The Cut.

Anna Francesca FW12

anna francesca


The Anna Francesca show was full of crazy colors, patterns, prints, and embellishments. It was the kind of show that makes fashion fun. These fantastical designs for men and women were most definitely out of this world. Thanks Khali from Shop Epitome for covering this show for me!


New York Fashion Week Fatigue

Hey guys. I know I have been away from the blog for awhile, but NYFW is killing me. Today is the last day. I leave tomorrow, but I have two more shows to go to, and I missed one this morning. My camera is starting to shut down on me, and I can honestly say that I am officially suffering from NYFW fatigue.

When I get home, I am going to sleep. Then I’m going to wake up on Saturday morning, take a really long and hot skin pruning bath with Epson salt and multiple candles lit all the way up. Then I’m finally going to blog and answer emails.

This has been one of the best NYFW trips I’ve ever had, but I am completely worn out.