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Bad Bish-Andrej Pejic Channels Warhol’s Factory Girls for Du Jour Magazine

Andrej Pejic Channels Warhol for Du Jour Magazine

Andrej Pejic Channels Warhol for Du Jour Magazine

Androgynous model Andrej Pejic Channels Warhol for Du Jour Magazine, and he looks fabulous while doing so! He always looks so fierce. I don’t know how he does it. I guess that is why he is such an in demand model. Andrej Pejic is so talented! Photo from Fashionista.

Vogue Italia’s ‘The Black Allure’ Editorial Features All Black Models

The Black Allure Vogue ItaliaThe Black Allure Vogue Italia

It looks like Vogue Italia is doing the all black model thing again with The Black Allure editorial, and I am not upset. While I hate for this to be a gimmick, I am in love with this editorial. It features almost all of the top black models of today like Joan, Jourdan, Chanel, Sessilee, Ajak, Arlenis, and more. The editorial is so gorgeous. The colors, lighting, clothes, setting, and makeup are to die for! What do you think? Photos from Fashin.

The Black Allure Vogue Italia

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Kenton Magazine “After Hours” Editorial Features Pre-Spring Looks

after hours kenton magazine

Kenton Magazine has just released a new editorial called “After Hours.”  The editorial is based on “Sophisticated, Pre-Spring Looks for the Game of Love”.  The story is about a guy and a girl at a bar, shifting in dominance.  They are hot and cold with each other at the wrong times. That’s pretty hot right? Just in time for Valentine’s Day.

after hours kenton magazine

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Jessica Sutta By Michael Freeby

Michael Freeby and Jessica Sutta

Photographer Michael Freeby (thanks) sent me some shots from a magazine editorial he did with Jessica Sutta of the Pussycat Dolls.

Photographer – Michael Freeby
Model – Jessica Sutta from the Pussycat Dolls
All the dresses are actually from designer Sue Wong’s 2011 collection. Head piece is a one-of-a-kind by Michel Berandi.

Check out the rest below.
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Why Do So Called Fashionable People Insist On Doing This

You would think that people would have learned their lesson after this incident, but no they haven’t.


Check out Constance Jablonski In Numero #117 By Greg Kadel and tell me this looks right. Seriously can anybody tell me when painting a white woman black, giving her an afro and a black child, and dropping her off in what looks like the Serengeti is cool. Source.

This Is How I Like To See My Vogue

This is how I like to see my Vogue magazine. It needs to be chock full of fashion magic. I am tired of the same old, same old. Looks like they delivered. Photos from Fashion Gone Rogue.

Set to be a jam-packed issue, here is our first look at Vogue US September with an editorial shot by the one and only Steven Meisel. Gathering up a group of eclectic all-star models, the six page spread hones in on the nomadic aspects of the fall collections. Styled by Edward Enninful in ornate patterns, luxurious fur and loud accessories, models Liu Wen, Karlie Kloss, Joan Smalls, Magdalena Frackowiak, Kasia Struss and Jourdan Dunn come together for We Are the World.

I LOVE This Editorial

Photos from Plus Model Mag.
Photo Credits
Velvet d’Amour

Chloe Elizabeth Marshall

Hair and makeup:
Lorenzo Rosi
www.lorenzorosi.com using Dermalogica

Look One:
Dress www.evans.co.uk
Sweater model’s own
Shoes model’s own
Jewelery Velvet

Look Two:
Clothing www.evans.co.uk
Jewlery model’s own
Shoes model’s own

Look Three:
Top www.evans.co.uk
Lycra pants www.torrid.com
Shoes/necklace Velvet

Look Four:
Dress www.evans.co.uk
Robe thanks to Christopher Parry
Headdress Velvet
Shoes model’s own

UPDATE: Please Check out Christina from Musings of a Fatshionista’s epic plus size fashion post. I think every plus size blogger and then some, including me, sent in an outfit post!

Bad Bish

Can You Tell Who This Woman Is? Hint Hint! She was on That 70s Show. Answer in the comment”s section.Photo from Foto_Decadent.

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Remember The Time…

I told you guys about the V magazine issue with plus size models in this post. Well…. we have a little sneak peak here.

They show two models of different builds but similiar looks. In this case you have Jacquelyn Jablonski: 5 ft, 9 in; 32/24/34 and Crystal Renn: 5 ft, 9 in; 36/31/41. They put them in the same clothes with the same styling and hair. Then they told them to do similar poses for photographer Terry Richardson. At first I wasn’t to keen on the idea of doing a skinny vs. not so skinny shoot, but I must say Crystal Renn fills the clothes out nicely. I really would like to see more of that on the runway. Not to say that skinny models should be banned all together now. I realize that people come in all shapes and sizes, therefore there should be a mix of sizes in stores and on the runway.

Photos from The Cut.

Twitter Has Now Been Deemed Popular Culture

DUH!!!! Twitter is everywhere. It has popped up in some idiotic “song” called LOL smiley face. I hate that song. Spare yourselves now and try not to look it up. Now twitter has infiltrated fashion. There a ton of fashion people on twitter, so it makes a little sense to put a piece of Twitter into a fashion spread right!?!?!? Well Vogue Italia and Steven Meisel did just that for the December 2009 issue. The editorial is genius! Who would have thought to use the Twitpic as an editorial? I love it! All photos are from Fashionologie.


Teen Vogue Featuring Chanel Iman and Jourdan Dunn

*Blogger stop sending out posts that haven’t been posted yet! URGH!*

Anyway I went to the store and picked up the new Teen Vogue with Chanel Iman and Jourdan Dunn on the cover. It promised to tell their readers how they can get a job in fashion, but all I saw were the same tips their readers can get from the high school career center, guidance counselor, or Google. HMM. Whatever! I think this issue would have been more beneficial to high schoolers if it elaborated more on where to look for an internship or get into a fashion school if you didn’t live anywhere near a fashion capitol. I could have used that advice when I was in grade school.

The most important part of the magazine, which was really small by the way :(, was the cover featuring two black models and their interview. This made me extremely happy because growing up I saw black faces on fashion magazines but it was rare, and nowadays it is worse. It makes me sad when I can’t see my own people or other minorities for that matter represented in fashion.

I think it is great to see these two young women on the cover of a magazine like this, and I wish more would follow suit. I hate how designers and casting directors look at my skin as a trend. Remember this from earlier in the week. I have always been and will always be black. I can’t change that, nor do I want to. I spend money on the same products,clothes, and accessories that are worn, advertised, and written about in those magazines. My skin color is not like an alligator bag or leopard print shoe. Black, brown, or cream colored skin is not the trend of the season.
Photos from Teen Vogue.
Sorry I but I just had to vent. DISCUSS!

You Asked For It…

A few of you asked me to show some of my favorite pictures from The Sartiorialist’s new book. Well a good majority of the photos are my favorite for various reasons, so this was a very hard decision. I hope you like the ones I picked, and please pick up the book. It is amazing!

OH! I shot my first photoshoot for my friend’s birthday party over the weekend. We have another shoot coming up. They are both 80’s themed since she was born in the 80’s. I hope she eventually let’s me show you all the photos.
The Sartorialist BookThe Sartorialist BookThe Sartorialist BookThe Sartorialist BookThe Sartorialist BookThe Sartorialist Book

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