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I LOVE This Editorial

Photos from Plus Model Mag.
Photo Credits
Velvet d’Amour

Chloe Elizabeth Marshall

Hair and makeup:
Lorenzo Rosi
www.lorenzorosi.com using Dermalogica

Look One:
Dress www.evans.co.uk
Sweater model’s own
Shoes model’s own
Jewelery Velvet

Look Two:
Clothing www.evans.co.uk
Jewlery model’s own
Shoes model’s own

Look Three:
Top www.evans.co.uk
Lycra pants www.torrid.com
Shoes/necklace Velvet

Look Four:
Dress www.evans.co.uk
Robe thanks to Christopher Parry
Headdress Velvet
Shoes model’s own

UPDATE: Please Check out Christina from Musings of a Fatshionista’s epic plus size fashion post. I think every plus size blogger and then some, including me, sent in an outfit post!

A Year In The Life Of The Fat and Skinny

On January 3rd of last year, I started The Fat and Skinny on Fashion as hobby. It was just a blog to show my life,photography, fashion news, and just plain fashion and beauty things that I loved. Since then I have completed my first year of fashion graduate school at the Academy of Art University. I switched majors from fashion merchandising to fashion journalism. I graduated from Columbia College with a degree in business administration.

I completed one internship with fashion website Stylehop.com, another one with the Columbia Urban League, and started a fashion journalism internship with the online plus size magazine Gemini Magazine. You can see one of my articles here on page 24/25. I went to my second presidential inauguration, yapped about my love life or lack of one, got tired of writing about the recession’s effect on the fashion industry, held some contests, attempted to review some fashion shows that I never went to but hope to go to some day, made 2 videos, and struggled to find my blog’s voice and design. Oh and I discussed shoes. Lots and lots of shoes! All in all I think 2009 was a pretty good year for me and my blog.


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Oh and the very short first post!


If you haven’t seen this by now, this is the Lanvin Men advertisement featuring the famed fashion photographers Inez and Vinoodh. Before you get all crazy on me, the last photo is a remake of another I&V; photograph called “Me Kissing Vinoodh (Passionately)” . I think the photographers are beautiful and breathtaking. The thing that makes these photographs so real is that they are actually married. You can see the passion in their love.

I want to find a love like that. I want to find someone who I can work with on a daily basis, communicate creatively, and just be so passionately into each other that it shows without being super cheesy. I’ve never been in a relationship, and even though I know I am really young, I turn 23 on the 22nd of January, I feel like there is a part of me missing out of a lil piece of life. I go on facebook, basically everyday, and see all of my friends getting married, engaged, pregnant, having babies, and finding new relationships.

Even though I am happy for my friends, it still bites. With every couple’s photograph or new wedding album, my heart breaks a little bit each time. I go places and my parent’s friends always ask me if I have a boyfriend because ” You are so beautiful” or “You are so pretty and smart.” I hate to tell them no, or I’m still boyfriend-less, but its true. Then I see these articles and video clips about the lack of Black men, or how hard it is for a Black women to find love and I just feel worse.

I guess what started out as a fashion post has really turned into something more, but I just don’t know how to express, explain, or even try to understand what I must be doing wrong. I think this is one of my most personal and extremely real posts. I hope you don’t mind it, but I just needed to vent.