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Stylist Amia Serrano Leaves TFAS Readers With Some Hot Style Tips

New York fashion stylist Amia Serrano was nice enough to leave my readers with a few style tips for this spring and summer. I just bought some boyfriend jeans, so I can’t wait to try the bf look she talks about in these tips. Thanks so much Amia!

 1. Warm weather calls for tank tops. When wearing a loose tank, swap out your bra with a bathing suit top or tube top of the same color as your tank.
2. This is the year of “the bf”. Besides wearing your favorite bf jeans, try wearing your bf’s button up as a dress by cinching the waist with a skinny belt so that you have shape. Finish it off with a pair of flat sandals.
3. Don’t feel comfortable wearing your bf’s button up as a dress? Throw on a pair of cut off shorts, minus the belt and do a half way tuck instead. That way you still have a bit of shape.
4. Silk pj tops that are spaghetti straps can be of use outside of the bed. Do so by cutting it as a cropped top or creating a front or side knot, pairing it with a high waisted skirt, shorts or trousers. Proportion is key!
5. Grunge is making a comeback and you don’t even have to use a belt. Add edge to any look by tying a long sleeve around your hips.

Connect with Amia on her various social media sites!

Amia’s Website: www.amiaserrano.com
Amia’s Twitter: @AmiaSerrano
Amia’s Instagram: @AmiaSerrano

Columbia Stylist Brian Maynor Has A Styling Contest For the New Year


Columbia, South Carolina Stylist Brian Maynor is going to help Midland residents start the year off right. To kick off the new year,  he is giving away one free makeover a month for his Find Flatter & Flaunt program and is looking for men and women of all shapes, sizes and backgrounds.  Find Flatter & Flaunt is his proven program for helping men and women identify their body shape and how to use clothes as a tool to work with that shape, not against it, so they look and feel their best.  Check out Brian on his website. Also check me out in his video above.