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Currently Craving – Fashion to Figure Dresses


Written by Denesha (Intern)

So, last week I spoke with my fellow plus size ladies about shorts, and how to wear them, regardless of how they think they may look in them. This week, I’m going to get you all into dresses! I know that if you won’t wear shorts, you won’t wear a dress either, but hopefully that’s all going to change, right?

This week’s currently craving items are Fashion to Figure dresses. You’ve never heard of Fashion to Figure? No worries that is what I’m here for. Fashion to Figure is an affordable fashion retailer that is changing the way sizes 12-26 dress! There are several physical locations; hopefully one of them is near you!

There are so many dresses to choose from, however, I’m just going to choose my favorite four! Starting from the top left to the bottom right, we have:

1. Mackenzie Belted Stripe Dress – $34.50

2. Nanette Sheer Ponte Dress – $32.50

3. Sammy Floral Flare Dress – $38.50

4. Zig-Zag Print Dress – $26.50
FTF Dresses 2

Happy shopping!

Images from: Fashion to Figure

TFAS Celebrates 2 Years With Fashion To Figure Contest

We are still celebrating The Fat and Skinny Blog Birthday, and we have another contest! This time Fashion to Figure, the plus size retailer, which sells cute plus size tops, is offering up a cute ring for this giveaway.

All you have to do is


1. Tell me your favorite item from Fashion to Figure, and include the link.

2. Follow me on Twitter. Leave your Twitter username in the comments below so I know who you are.

3. Leave your email address below.


Happy Monday Everyone!

 *Sorry if you caught this post yesterday in your rss feed or whatever. I accidentally posted it to early!*

Today is Monday, and I am super busy with life and other things, but I am going to try and make the most of it. Did I mention I am trying to get rid of a cold? Yuck! Anyway the good people at Fashion to Figure gave me a dress to review. The store goes from sizes 12 to 26. I love this store because they have some really cute things at really great prices. I actually think I am going to buy some things from them the next time I go online shopping.

The dress I am wearing is the Button Trim Ponte Dress. It is a short sleeve dress that comes in black or blue and has little studs on the sides of the sleeves. Even though my dress is one size too small, I still love it. I think this dress is awesome for a night out on the town. The fabric is thicker than I expected and really soft too. The zipper detailing in the back was too cute. That is one of the best parts of the dress. All in all…I love it, but wish I had gotten a bigger size. 

Also note that the dress was $36, but now it is $19.99!

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