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Three Street Style Looks I Would Love To Make In Plus Sizes

street style

I recently graduated from fashion design school, and am starting to cultivate what I want my line to be like. In the mean time, I still see items that I would like to see made in plus sizes regardless of whether I make them or not. Creating a plus size line is hard. Trying to develop a decent size chart and patterns to match is stressful, and trying to fight people’s stereotypes and misconceptions about themselves and how they should dress and/or how plus size women should dress in general is even more stressful. I get why developing a plus size line is hard, but come on…some of us want cute styles too.

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Where Has Jai Been The Past Few Weeks?

Fashion Design Student

Fashion Design Student

I know you have been wondering where I have been the past few weeks.  I am a fashion design student, so I was really busy with school. It really took a lot out of me completing my assignments for Collections class. I had to create a tiny clothing collection for class. I spent a lot of time, money, and resources trying to make magic happen. This was the first time I would show my own designs to the world, and I didn’t want to half step anything. I created countless test muslin shells and patterns, and had way too many visits to the fabric store.

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Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

The Fat & Skinny on Fashion (1)

Whether you love it or hate it, there’s no denying it: Valentine’s Day is coming up. With only a week to go before the annual love affair, you might be at a loss as to what you want to give as a token of love and gratitude to your significant other or a loved one.

You may not be able to buy love, but you can save on it. I know for me life as a college student can make romantic dates, or a “thinking of you” gift a little difficult. However, the best Valentine’s Day gifts are the ones that come from the heart, not the ones that break your wallet.

Gift Idea 1: Scrapbooks: All relationships have a story to tell, and the day that is dedicated to the affirmation of your love is an excellent time to remember the special moments of the friendship or the relationship. This can include keepsakes from your first date or a picture taken when you were kids. Decorating the pages with special quotes or song lyrics will add the perfect touch to this scrapbook.

Gift Idea 2: Fun Day: There are some things that don’t require the expense of two meals, two movie tickets or two tubs of popcorn – the most expensive of them all. If you’re in college use those discounts to your advantage! If the weather is nice, consider a day at the park with a nice picnic or even a night out at the park with some hot cocoa or tea and some blankets for stargazing. Be creative!

Gift Idea 3: Netflix Binge: Almost everyone has either a Netflix or a Hulu+ account. If you are one of those people without either, ask a friend if you could use his/her account for the night. For the individuals who don’t have a significant other, grab a couple of your friends who don’t have any plans either and plan a Netflix binge. There are a lot of romantic comedies, such as “Maid in Manhattan,” “Clueless” and “I Hate Valentine’s Day” – ironic, right? There are also classic movies, such as “Grease,” “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” and “The Great Gatsby.”

Valentine’s Day is supposed to be a day where you enjoy the presence of your loved ones or significant other, if you choose your ideas wisely, you can be as budget-friendly as possible.

The Fat & Skinny on Fashion

Currently Craving – Back-to-School Fashions


Ahhh! It’s that time of year again; back-to-school! No more late nights, road trips and movie nights, it’s time to get back to the books, studying and forgetting that you ever had a social life. Summer came and went in the blink of an eye, and if you’re like me, you’d do anything to have another week or two of summer relaxation. Then again, a part of me, is ready to stand in front of my closet and pick out an outfit for the first day of school. Yes, even as a college senior, I still get excited about what to wear on the first day back. I know I’m not the only one out there.

The first day of class is always scary, especially if you have no idea where you are going. For those who may be starting their 2014-2015 school year starting for some next week, here are some outfits that will have you looking and feeling good on your way to class. You will definitely get an ‘A’ in style on the first day, even if you have no idea where you are going!

Outfit #1: Laid back and Comfy


With this particular outfit, instead of wearing the sweater, you could wear the wear a white tee and have the sweater around your waist for when it gets cold. Unless you live in windy cites, like Chicago, then you should wear the sweater and a shirt underneath it so you won’t freeze to death.

Outfit #2: Preppy meets Boho


Are you a Pretty Little Liars fan? If so, then you know this outfit has Spencer Hastings written all over it!

Outfit #3: Minimal Fashionista

0f0ce42c271700ac917994ae779b5bfcThis outfit is for the fashionista who like to keep it simple in a pair of jeans and a white tee but wants to add a little flavor to the mix with accessories, like the floral scarf.

Outfit #4: The Girl Next Door:


This is a girly, yet simplistic outfit for the girl who doesn’t go out of her way just to look cute. Keeping it simple with a watch and a pair of sparkly flats, she’s all set!

Outfit #5: California Glamour Girl


It’s still summertime, so taking advantage of pastels and bright colors is the way to go whether it be with skirts or dresses. Accessorize with different kinds of jewelry, aqua would be my go to color with this coral look. If you aren’t looking to be a “California Glamour Girl”, try adding leather accessories to give this look some edge.

Outfit #6: Sporty Urban Chick


This look is for a girl who loves her vans and isn’t that into shopping. If you love tribal prints, this look is for you! Keep the accessories to a minimum; all you need is a pair of skinny jeans, a tee, and your vans and you’re all set!

Outfit #7: Hanna Marin


Another reference to Pretty Little Liars, this look has Hanna Marin written all over it; girly patterns and purses. Wanting to be comfortable during the day, a pair of white chucks will complete this outfit.

Which outfit is your favorite?

Thank you Ashley Goode, a Virginia based stylist, who helped me come up with the names for these outfits! All images in this post can be found on Pinterest.

Charleston Fashion Week 2012 Spring Bridal Show

During the last day of Charleston Fashion Week, I got up super early and headed out to Charleston Weddings Magazine’s Spring Bridal Show. I got to see a lot of bridal fashion from local boutiques. If you are planning a wedding, Charleston is definitely a great place to check out some fancy gowns for you or your bridesmaids. The trends seem to be the traditional white and cream, and the completely unconventional and daring pale pink and red. Watch the video from the Emerging Bridal Designer Contest winner Calvin James Bryant’s collection. It was fabulous. If I were getting married, he would definitely be someone I would be interested in working with. I hope you all enjoyed my Charleston Fashion Week coverage. As you can see I am still trying to recover and unpack from the week of events.

Former Charleston Fashion Week Emerging Designers Get Featured

A few days ago former Charleston Fashion Week Emerging Designers JLINSNIDER and Michael Wiernicki became featured designers and local retailers at this year’s Charleston Fashion Week. They have always been personal favorites of mine since I first saw them both present as emerging designers. I am so excited to see the progress that they have made since then. Both designers are graphic and experimental. I feel like their clothes are not for the faint at heart, but I will admit that JLINSNIDER’s designs were more wearable this year. Either way I am still a big fan and can’t wait to see their next collections.

Charleston Fashion Week Day Two

Charleston Fashion Week Day Two showed some very exciting new talent. Bob & Kris Galmarini showed some cutey patootey clothes for children inspired by their own children and Bob’s love of screenprinting. Jessica Patricia Krupa showed some lovely vintage inspired swimwear that really shows off a woman’s curves. Angela Sum, who gets to move on in the competition, showed a very light and airy Rodarte like collection. Many in attendance loved her collection. Ra Jang showed an interesting black and rainbow colored collection that also featured some graphic prints. Nina Awasum showed a very beautiful African inspired collection. I actually met Nina and Jessica last night. They are really nice, and I wish them and all of the other designers well.

Charleston Fashion Week 2012 Day One

Hey everybody! I’m back at Charleston Fashion Week again. Last night I went to see what the Emerging Designers Competition had to offer. The video below shows my personal faves out of the bunch. Samantha Michele Hyman showed a Downton Abbey type collection that was cute, practical, and very pretty. I met her after the show and she was pretty nice. She of the unpronounceable name, Tsvetelina Gerasimova McAuliffe, gets to move on in the design competition. Her clothes reminded me of a cool and sexy Gaga inspired Gucci collection. So I guess you can call is Gaga Gucci. Adrienne Antonson’s collection was prairie chic. If I were playing Oregon Trail, I would ford the heck out of that river in my chic felt bonnet! I can’t wait to see what the second batch of designers show tonight.

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Think (Faux) Mink!

Seriously $3000 for a fur vest? Get outta here. I’m a huge advocate for saving a buck or two, and I know I’m extremely positive when I say I’m not paying thousands of dollars to rock a piece of animal skin on my back. Especially knowing the harm it does to those poor animals. However, lately I’ve been seeing tons of fur (faux fur that is!) on racks all over the mall; ranging from jackets, hoodies and vests. What I’m digging most about this trend is that it’s so versatile and you can dress it up with a pair of black leggings and clogs or down with your favorite motorcycle boots and skinnys.

Kensie ‘Shaggy’ Faux Fur Vest

Natural Faux Fur Vest

Grey Leopard Spot Fur Collar Scarf

All Over Faux Fur Trapper Hat

-Ariel Twenty Two Couture

Fashion Week Proves Sexy Is Back In!

Dressing up like your boyfriend is soooooo last season people. Thank goodness, the masculinity meets femininity trend is fading and girls and starting to dress like girls again. What I discovered from viewing several fashion collections throughout the month is that many designers are bringin’ sexy back and I’m loving it. Derek Lam, Chloé and Nicolas Andreas Taralis are just a few  designers that have traded the ultra baggy looks for structured, feminine silhouettes with revealing necklines or human flesh. My personal favorite is structured, sexy tops and bottoms with a bit of flare and edge. So lets bring in the sexy for the spring next year. Who’s daring enough to pull it off?

Nicolas Andreas Taralis in Paris

Chloé in Paris

Derek Lam in NYC


Images via LATimes

-Ariel Twenty Two Couture































Washington Roberts-New Designer

Washington Roberts
I met Washington Roberts at a nice little industry tweet-up (set up by Ope) at Taj in NYC . He showed me some pictures of his work and I was blown away. Washington is very young, yet his work is really mature and sophisticated. His pieces are made with lush fabrics for the women who has places to be. You can tell by his designs that he has a clear vision and already has his customer in mind. Even though the pieces look fancy, I saw a lot of basics for the women who needs to move between work during the day and the gala at night.
Washington Roberts
Washington Roberts
My favorite piece is the silk creme tuxedo, but I love the dresses, top, and skirts too. I can just see people doing so many things with his recent collection. The colors are great too because they give you variety. There are some neutrals and some bright colors which make it great to mix or match. He is very talented, and I think we will be seeing more of him shortly.
Washington Roberts

Pre-Fall/ Early Fall 2010 Top Trends and Ready To Wear Looks

Every new season I put together a little sketchbook full of the latest casual trends that are ready-to-wear and easy to attain. I usually use UO catalogs because I get 2 sent to my house everytime (so it’s a lot easier to cut them up and feel guilt free because I save EVERYTHING). Cliche as it may be UO has stepped up it’s game over the past few years and it becomes more and more refined as time goes on. (Too bad the prices become more refined as well). So here are a few pages describing some top trends, looks, and key pieces that everyone should look into for the fall season coming up.

Also I strongly recommend to anyone to make this a habit. Buy yourself some nice little sketchbooks and keep your ideas on hand at all times. It keeps you focused on what you really like and avoids those moments where you buy something and never end up wearing it because you weren’t as fond of it as you though you were. Only keep the things that really catch your attention and you fall in love with. And do it every season to keep up with the progression of trends and so you can notice the directions in which things are going. Even if you just write some comments do it. It’s incredibly useful and it’s fun!

-Angelena We Are Hipster Scum

It’s Shark Week!

It’s Shark Week, and I was browsing around looking for a new desktop background for this laptop because it was recently gifted to me by him and I haven’t “personalized it yet”. But as I was doing so I came across a pair of Miu Miu knockoffs on a very small supplier’s store and decided to post them up in dedication to the beginning of shark week. Too bad they’re sold out or I’d totally nab a pair just for funsies. I’ll probably do a DIY on them later… who knows. So without further chit chat here are those beautiful babies. Photo sources are listed below photos.

I later decided to add a few more things to this post. Once again none of these images are mine. Check out these lovely shark inspired pieces as well as novelty items!

I especially love Noir’s shark ring. I definitely want to rock that aggressive piece of ice.

-Angelena Hipster Scum

More Summer Trends!

 Happy Memorial Day!

Don’t forget to shop The Fat and Skinny Shop for sizes 8-20, L-3X! Every Clothing Item is $10 for Memorial Day!

Quinn showed you the latest summer fashion trends in her video last week. If you haven’t seen it, please watch it. One of the other trends I like this summer is LACE, LACE, LACE! Here are a few pictures that show many lace options. There are awesome dresses, shorts, leggings, and tops that are great for this summer.  Click them for info.

The Final V Mag Preview

I found out via twitter and Musings of a Fatshionista that the final V Magazine preview was out. Please check out Christina’s blog for the rest of the pictures from The Kaiser’s shoot, and check out her commentary on Karl Lagerfeld. I totally agree with her. It is extremely crazy for him to criticize fat people when “A” he was once fat and “B” he just shot this plus size editorial. Whatever!

You know they had to throw in the straight size model to finish the size issue and make it fair. I wanted to show you all of these pictures, but Iris Strubegger is completely naked in all of them except one, and i know some of my readers are reading this at work. I am trying to figure out a way to show NSFW fashion photos without getting people fired.

Also the cover features Gabby Sidibe, from Precious, and Dakota Fanning,who looks disheveled and blank stare worthy, as a dual cover issue.

Photos from Musings and V Mag/Models.com.

I LOVE This Editorial

Photos from Plus Model Mag.
Photo Credits
Velvet d’Amour

Chloe Elizabeth Marshall

Hair and makeup:
Lorenzo Rosi
www.lorenzorosi.com using Dermalogica

Look One:
Dress www.evans.co.uk
Sweater model’s own
Shoes model’s own
Jewelery Velvet

Look Two:
Clothing www.evans.co.uk
Jewlery model’s own
Shoes model’s own

Look Three:
Top www.evans.co.uk
Lycra pants www.torrid.com
Shoes/necklace Velvet

Look Four:
Dress www.evans.co.uk
Robe thanks to Christopher Parry
Headdress Velvet
Shoes model’s own

UPDATE: Please Check out Christina from Musings of a Fatshionista’s epic plus size fashion post. I think every plus size blogger and then some, including me, sent in an outfit post!

Remember The Time…

I told you guys about the V magazine issue with plus size models in this post. Well…. we have a little sneak peak here.

They show two models of different builds but similiar looks. In this case you have Jacquelyn Jablonski: 5 ft, 9 in; 32/24/34 and Crystal Renn: 5 ft, 9 in; 36/31/41. They put them in the same clothes with the same styling and hair. Then they told them to do similar poses for photographer Terry Richardson. At first I wasn’t to keen on the idea of doing a skinny vs. not so skinny shoot, but I must say Crystal Renn fills the clothes out nicely. I really would like to see more of that on the runway. Not to say that skinny models should be banned all together now. I realize that people come in all shapes and sizes, therefore there should be a mix of sizes in stores and on the runway.

Photos from The Cut.

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