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TFAS Shop Tour- Forever 21 Plus

Forever 21 Plus

Forever 21 Plus
Hey everyone! I hope you all are ready for the weekend! I decided to do a virtual shop tour of Forever 21 . Forever 21 is an amazing addition to Forever 21. When Forever 21 first launched their plus size line as Faith 21, I wasn’t felling it. Now I love it. Renamed Forever 21 Plus, this fast fashion plus size line is trendy and affordable. Forever 21 generally goes up to a size 3X. They don’t have While I wish these clothes occupied a larger portion of their physical store, they have a lot of options of cute clothes to choose from online. Today’s video is going to show that. Check it and a few of my favorite items out below.
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These Plus Size Wrap Dresses From Forever 21 Plus Slay

plus size wrap dresses

plus size wrap dresses

Have you been looking for some plus size wrap dresses? I have. They have been my new obsession since I wore one to a wedding last year. A lot of people love how flattering they look. I like how comfortable they are. I also like how they make me look really curvy. I usually wear more fluid and loose things, but wrap dresses are tight at the top and loose on the bottom, so I can be sexy and comfy at the same time. I also don’t wear Spanx when I wear dresses like this because… I can’t stand tight things on my body and because the bottom of the dress just flows so freely.

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Shoe of the Week- The Outfit Game Changer AKA the Nude Slingback Pump

nude slingback pump

nude slingback pump
The nude slingback pump is the outfit game changer. Why? Because you can wear it just like you wear your favorite pair of nude pumps. The open nature of the shoe allows you to show more of you stockings or fancy printed or fishnet tights. They are also a neutral colored shoe which means they will go with most everything. Say yes to a multitasking shoe. This faux suede pair from Forever 21 are the perfect way to try this trend without breaking the bank. I think $29.80 is the perfect price. The picture comes from Forever 21.

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Currently Craving – Plus Size Denim Shorts

plus size jean shorts

Graphic and article written and illustrated by Denesha (Intern)

Written by Denesha (Intern)

Most plus size women are afraid to wear shorts because of how their legs and/or thighs may look in them (don’t worry, I’ll add in a few shorts that aren’t so short). However, with the spring season in full effect and summer not too far behind, it’s time to get over your fear of shorts; if not be prepared to die from a heatstroke! (Just kidding!)

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Beauty Bit- Forever 21 Premium Beauty Collection

Forever 21 Premium Beauty Collection

Have you heard of the new Forever 21 Premium Beauty Collection? I had tried some of their products before, and like some and hated others. The products in the regular beauty line were too hit or miss for me. I really wanted to try some of the premium beauty products, but the they didn’t look like they offered many colors for women of color or white folks. I know the line is new, but geez. They only have three shades for most of the products. After watching this video from It’s Judy Time, I feel like I can only try a few products. I feel underwhelmed. Are there any products from this line that you want to try?

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Forever 21 Premium Beauty Collection

Shoe of the Week- The Perfect Spring Sandal From Forever 21

the perfect spring sandal

the perfect spring sandal

I am in the midst of a snowstorm, I am looking at the perfect spring sandal from Forever 21. The fast fashion brand has really uped their shoe game of late. Even though these shoes come in black, the taupe color is my favorite. Nude shoes are really good for offsetting an outfit because of the neutral color.

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Currently Craving – What to Wear to Thanksgiving Dinner

With Thanksgiving right around the corner, it’s only right that we provide all of our curvy readers with a What to Wear to a Thanksgiving Dinner post.

First things first, when picking an outfit to wear for thanksgiving, whether it be to a thanksgiving dinner with family, or a thanksgiving party, it’s best if you incorporate some of the following colors.

Figure 1 - ASOS CURVE Jumper With Zip Detail In Nepi - $62.29
Figure 1 – ASOS CURVE Jumper With Zip Detail In Nepi – $62.29

1.   Shades of Purple

– Dark plum, maroon or burgundy shades

– Reminiscent of apple cider and cranberry sauce

–  Brighten and liven up dark shades of grey and taupe with a plum scarf or burgundy cardigan.

Complete this look with a pair of black skinny jeans or black matte leggings for the “no restrictions*” feel and lace up ankle boots.

*No restrictions means you can eat as much as you want without your pants getting too tight or your belt pressing into your skin.*

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Figure 2 – Lane Bryant - Plus Size Faux Wrap Sweater Dress - $84.95
Figure 2 – Lane Bryant – Plus Size Faux Wrap Sweater Dress – $84.95


2. Shades of Red

– Rich color and very earthy

– Similar to the fall leaves on the trees

– Thanksgiving reds have  golden or bronze undertones, enhancing the complexity of the shade.

– You can pair with browns and accents of [mustard] yellow.

Complete this look with a pair of leggings, if you choose, or wear it plain.

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Figure 3 - Tall Eden pine green jegging - $28.00 at Dorothy Perkins
Figure 3 – Tall Eden pine green jegging – $28.00 at Dorothy Perkins

3. Shades of Green

– Green is a perfect color to make you stand out
– Wear with warm or yellowing shades of green, such as olive green, which is the perfect accent to the earthy tones. For example, an olive green dress with earthy brown and                                [mustard] yellow.

Complete this look with the tall berry zip back jumper with a pair of black boots.

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Figure 4 - Forever21 - Colored Stretchy Skinny Jeans $19.80
Figure 4 – Forever21 – Colored Stretchy Skinny Jeans $19.80

4. Shades of Orange

-Reminiscent of pumpkins, sweet potatoes and persimmons

– If you dress in orange, keep shades bold but more on the pastoral side, such as a burnt orange.  

-Taupe or other shades of brown with accents of orange can make an outfit pop!

Complete this look with this Metallic Cable Knit Cardigan from Nordstrom!

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Figure 5 - Avenue - Marled Cowlneck Sweater $54.00
Figure 5 – Avenue – Marled Cowlneck Sweater $54.00

5. Shades of Brown

– Core colors of the fall

– Any shade of brown will work

– Light beige shades of brown would work.

– More neutral earth tones of browns are also   excellent options

– Be sure to keep your outfit exciting by incorporating bright colors such as green, yellow, red or orange! 

Complete this look with a pair of dark wash stretch jeggings and a nice pair of boots.

Shop Avenue now and get $25 off your $100 purchase*; use AV131310 at checkout. *Excludes Maidenform and gift cards.* Also, get free standard shipping on any order over $125.


To Die For- Forever 21’s Printed Pants

Printed Pants

Printed Pants
Printed pants are definitely a trend I can get down with. I am loving this trend because you can dress these pants up or down. They come in different patterns and prints and look amazing on everyone despite what you might think! My favorite style is the harem printed pant. Forever 21 has a bunch of printed pants in straight and plus sizes. I particularly like the Day Trip Harem Pants from Forever 21 Plus. They are only $19.80, so they aren’t breaking the bank. Get you some great style at a low price.

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Shoe of the Week- Four Ankle Boots From Forever 21

Forever 21 Ankle Boots 21

Forever 21 Ankle Boots 21

I love ankle boots, and these four from Forever 21 are perfect. I used to hate them, but the past two seasons have seen designers taking ankle boots to new heights. You have the hiking ankle, the moto ankle, the combat ankle, and the ankle boot with cut-outs! I am still trying to find the perfect ankle boots with cut-outs because that is a style I think I will be trying this fall. I like how you can wear different color socks with them.

Ankle boots are great for people like me who have big calf muscles. Even though they have a larger selection of wide-calf boots now, they tend to be a bit on the pricey side. With ankle boots, I can still wear cute boots and not have to worry about how they fit or if my jeans are bunching up in the boot’s leg. These four ankle boots from Forever 21 are super affordable and inline with this fall’s boot trends! Check them out!

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Shoe of the Week- Sleek Patent Sneakers from Forever 21



Jazzy sneakers are a great way to look cute and casual at the same time without being too frumpy or formal, but just right. I love rocking a cool sneaker with a dress or some funky jeans. The Sleek Patent Sneaker from Forever 21 is a good suede and patent leather like sneaker to wear in the summer. The shoe comes in black, but the light colored taupe is a personal favorite of mine for the summer. You can get them from F21 for $36.80. Jazzy sneakers are easy to wear. I even wore teal and green sneakers to prom one year. I think I looked pretty fly! I love to wear my shiny gold sneakers with many outfits. They even got me photographed at NYFW! Photo from Forever 21.

My New Summer Outfit Consists of Nothing But Chambray

Shirt from Old Navy, Skirt from Forever 21( similar one here)

Ladies and gentlemen, I forgot to show you in the last post what my new summer outfit staple is…the CHAMBRAY SHIRT! I have a ton of chambray shirts in various hues of blue, and I love them because they go with anything! How exciting is that?!? I can wear them with any color jeans, skirts, regular pants, as a pool cover up… The list just goes on and on. Yesterday when I went to an event celebrating Brian Maynor’s Find, Flatter, and Flaunt wardrobe styling company, I decided to dress for summer and wear my Old Navy Ombre Chambray (Thanks Shanika for the phrase and picture) and my Forever 21 Ikat print skirt. My chambray shirts will keep me styling all summer long. I’m going to wear one at least once a week! I purchased everything myself.

To Die For- Forever 21 Plus’ Flamingo Print One-Piece Swimsuit

Flaming Print One-Piece Swimsuit

Flaming Print One-Piece Swimsuit

Forever 21 + has a ton of really cute swimsuits in their plus size line. The Flamingo Print One-Piece is the cutest by far. It has a little flamingo print action going on and cute little ruffles in the front. It is partially lined and has a built-in underwire. Get it on the low for only $27.80. The Flamingo Print One-Piece Swimsuit is definitely to die for! Photo from here.

To Die For- Forever 21 Plus Ombre Skinny Jeans

Forever 21 Plus Ombre Skinny Jeans

Forever 21 Plus Ombre Skinny Jeans

It looks like the ombre trend has no plans of dying out this season, and I don’t care because Forever 21 Plus’ Ombre Skinny Jeans are TO DIE FOR!! The jeans are super springtastic and super sexy. I love the orange color because they look great on many skin tones, and I love the fact that the jeans are $27.80. You know how I like to try my trends on the cheap! Get the Ombre Skinny Jeans from Forever 21. You won’t be sorry. Photo from here.

To Die For… Forever 21’s Heart Shaped Choker

forever 21 heart shaped choker

forever 21 heart shaped choker

Chunky gold chains and chokers are all the rage again this season. You can find them in various shapes or with cool animals or tags on them. This Heart Shaped Choker from Forever 21 features cool heart shaped interlocking chains. The cool thing about this necklace is that you can be cute and trendy for only $8.80! You really can’t beat that! Photo from Forever 21.

Spring’s Graphic Blazers Can Be Worn This Fall Too

Graphic Print Blazers
Graphic Print Blazers
1. ASOS Curve Blazer in Floral Jacquard $99.42 $69.59  2.ASOS Blazer in Scenic Print $99.42 3.Missguided Savannah Tropical Blazer  $21.99 4.
Forever 21 Rose Pattern Blazer $26.90 5.Macy’s ING Plus Size Jacket, Three-Quarter-Sleeve Striped Open Front $54.00 $44.99 6. Forever 21 Cropped Rose Jacket $24.90

Graphic blazers were a really hot trend this spring, but you can carry that trend into fall as well. Graphic blazers are the new conversation piece. They also look great on everybody, so don’t say you can’t wear one because of your size or because they are just so busy! Busy print action can still look good. If you are uncomfortable with this trend, try to offset the prints with a solid bottom. Think a skirt or pants in a contrasting color. Try one out today.

Affordable Super Chunky Necklaces

ASOS, Topshop, and Forever 21 have some really affordable options for the chunky necklace trend. Editors and bloggers have been seen pairing these types of necklaces with collared button down shirts and even not so basic tees. I am not a big jewelry wearer, but when I do wear jewelry these are the types of necklaces I wear. I really love wearing them with my dresses because they can act as a statement piece. Click above for more info.

Bright Blazers For Spring

Bright Blazers

  1. ASOS CURVE Exclusive Bow Jacket In Rainbow Textured Fabric $116.38 $93.11 2. ASOS Paisley Squares Blazer $89.50 3. ASOS Mexicana Blazer 4. Horn Button Jacket $29.80

I love bright blazers. They are the best thing to go from dreary winter to bright spring. Bright blazers look great on every skin tone, and they work best with every shape. I mean have you ever seen someone in a bright blazer that looked a complete hot mess? I haven’t. Try the trend yourself with some of the options above. Photos from Forever 21+ and ASOS.