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Beyonce Channels 60s Mod and Audrey Hepburn’s Funny Face For New Countdown Music Video

I am totally loving the preview for Beyonce’s “Countdown” video. It is mod and cute, and fashionable. It reminds me of her “Get me Bodied” video. My favorite part is her reference to Audrey Hepburn’s “Funny Face.” What do you all think?

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Beyonce’s Inspiration

I Want To Move Part Deux

Marie Jo's Apartment in NastMarie Jo's Apartment in Nast

I don’t know if any of you remember my April “I want to move” post, but I stated that I wanted to move. Surprise! Surprise! Well guess what… I still want to move, but this time I have found my ultimate inspiration. In the last post I showed you all some photos from WeHeartIt.com,which seems to be having a site breakdown at the moment, that were going to be my inspiration for my room. They are GORG, but these new pictures are better.

Marie Jo's Apartment in Nast

I found them on the BEAUTIFUL French Style blog Nast. I read this site from time to time, just like I read the others, for inspiration. Well I found it in these pictures. They are of this woman named Marie Jo’s apartment. So amazing! The paint on the walls, the art, the home accents, everything is so wonderful. She has a balcony! HELLO! Some people might be sick of having colors like this in their home, but as they say in “Funny Face”… THINK PINK!

Marie Jo's Apartment in NastMarie Jo's Apartment in Nast

Photos from Nast.

One Of My All Time Favorite Fashion Icons

I know this sounds cliche, but its true. Audrey Hepburn is one of my all time favorite fashion icons. She is number one on the list of all of my fashion icons. I love her! The women had a pet deer that she took to the supermarket whenever she went shopping. Really its true. I love the clothes she wore from Givenchy. She looks perfect in every movie. The fur sweater she wore in Charade was so chic. Actually the whole movie was chic. Just look at her Louis Vuitton luggage. That movie and Funny Face were perfection. I think part of the reason I wear a lot of black skinny pants with black shirts and flats was because of Funny Face. She was so graceful and composed. I think she might have gained all of that composure from her ballerina days. My parents and grandma used to laugh at me because I wanted to take Granny’s clawfoot tub and turn it into a sofa for my room just like the one Audrey had in her living room in Breakfast At Tiffany’s. I am still determined to do that whenever I get the money and my own place. Maybe I’m obsessed, but she has really influenced my life in a big and mighty way.

Photos are from Bill Willoughby.