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Bad Bish- Ronan Farrow Shades The Heck Out Of The Woody Allen Tribute

Ronan Farrow

The shade of it all. Look how Ronan Farrow shades the heck out of the Woody Allen Tribute at the Golden Globes. Woody Allen has made some amazing movies, but I still feel like he is a creep for allegedly molesting his 7 year old adopted daughter, and that time he began a relationship and then subsequently married his other adopted daughter. It just doesn’t seem right to bash Chris Brown and R. Kelly-both who did and continue to do heinous things- yet celebrate someone else who has also done bad things. Anyway… you can always count on Ronan and Mia Farrow to tweet out all of the shade. You should follow them on Twitter.

Check Out Me And Local Bloggers In The Midlands Red Carpet Review

Eb from Make Me Over Eb came up with the idea for doing Columbia’s version of the Fashion Police for the 2011 Golden Globes with the Midlands Red Carpet Review. I had a lot of fun doing this. I hope we can do this again since we all had such great chemistry. Check out the review here.

The panel included:

  • Teowonna Clifton –  She is a blogger (thatteowonna.com) and events reviewer, seen  weekly on MyMetroTV on WACH Fox 57, every Saturday at 5:30 am.  Otherwise, catch her ‘out and about’ as she experiences all the MetroCity has to offer!
  • Anne Postic – She is a local blogger for TheShopTart.com.  She may not want to borrow your dress, but she will defend to the death your right to wear it.
  • Brian Maynor – He is a stylist and wardrobe consultant,  and host of  “QuickChange” an online video series dedicated to changing Columbia’s wardrobe and reflection, one woman at a time.   He is also the creative director for (covet), an online magazine.
  • AND ME!!!!!!!