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Happy Earth Day!!!

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Photo from White Apricot

Happy Earth Day! I hope you all are doing your part to heal the world and make it a cleaner place. Right now I feel like Mother Nature is angry with us. Very angry. I was looking up eco-friendly fashion the other day and found this website called White Apricot. Last year I told you about Green Loop. They are a great eco-friendly clothing store, but I think the White Apricot is a great website for those who are just learning about eco-friendly fashion or want to know about discounts and certain offers. Check out the website and have a great Earth Day.

Happy Earth Day!

Happy Earth Day boys and girls! I wanted to tell you about this website I found for my Dynamics of Fashion class last week. We were talking about sustainability in the fashion industry and going green, so I wrote a little piece on Green Loop. I always have a hard time trying to find cute eco-friendly clothes and accessories, but this website compiles all the hottest green fashion brands together. They have Loomstate, Edun,Tom’s Shoes, Spun and many more. I was so excited about all of the brands they had. They sell men’s and women’s clothing, gifts, accessories, and shoes. The only thing I wished they sold were kid’s clothing and other green items for children. All in all Green Loop. is a really good website that I think you all should check out whether you are in to going green or not.

Photos from Green Loop.