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Trend Report: Camel and Grey


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A cheap and easy way to add a little trendiness to your wardrobe is to pick up the color of the season. Following the trend of classics re-invented, the colors camel and grey were all over the runways.

These colors are pure comfort: reliable neutrals that will blend seamlessly with the rest of your wardrobe. So why not invest in the trend?

But first, a few tips.

Color Theory

As for any color, find out whether you are cool, warm or neutral skin tone.

Look at the veins on the underside of your wrist. Blue veins mean you are cool toned, green veins are warm toned. If you have a mix you are neutral.

Warm toned people tend to have olive or apricot skin,  hair with highlights of red or gold, and eyes that are brown, hazel or green.

Cool toned people tend to have  pink or rosy skin, hair with ashy or silver undertones, and eyes that are blue, turquoise, grey or black.

If you fall right in between the categories, you are probably neutral (lucky you!).

Now neutrals are probably some of the trickiest colors to match to skin tones, since a subtle shade can be the difference between glowing skin and night of the living dead.

But a good rule of thumb is that warm skin tones should look for neutrals with a red or yellow base, cool skin tones should look for colors with a purple or blue base.



But as always, the real test is to just try it on and see if you look and feel fabulous.

Mix It Up

Pop of Color


color by erind90 featuring leather shoes


monochrome grey

monochrome grey by erind90 featuring a gray skirt

For more color theory, check out College Fashion’s post How to Find Your Perfect Colors.


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