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Top Five Halloween Makeup Tutorials For 2016


Halloween is right around the corner, and I am sure some of y’all still haven’t figured out what you all want to be. I’m not so sure if I know what I want to be either. I don’t even know if I am doing anything special that night. Hmmm… Maybe I will go as a nasty woman? Anyway. Here are five Halloween makeup tutorials that will surely inspire you to trick or treat or just wait for the 50% off candy sales the very next day like I do.
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We Love Colors is Holding A Halloween Contest That Ends November 10th

We Love Colors Halloween Contest

 We Love Colors Halloween Contest

Trick or Treat!
It’s that time of the year again when dressing up has never been so much fun! Think creative, creepy, crafty or just outright crazy and share with us your wildest Halloween costume ideas for a chance to WIN over $600 worth of PRIZES!!


Grand Prize – $300 Cash
Runner Up – $50 We Love Colors Gift Certificate
Cutest – $50 We Love Colors Gift Certificate
Most Creative – Tablet (valued at $165)

Adult Category (Ages 15+) People’s Choice Prize*: $50 We Love Colors Gift Certificate
Kids Category People’s Choice Prize*: $50 We Love Colors Gift Certificate
*People’s Choice prize will be awarded to the photo with the greatest amount of “likes”.

How do I enter? Easy…

Step 1: Take picture of you or your friends in your most amazing Halloween Costume that features at least one product from welovecolors.com!
Step 2: Upload on We Love Colors Facebook Page wall and write the name of your costume as well as the name of the We Love Colors product used in your costume. (www.facebook.com/WeLoveColorsFanPage)
Step 3: Once WE upload your photo to the Halloween Contest 2012 photo album, get all your friends to ‘Like’ your entry!*
Step 4: Repeat ‘Step 1’ if you have more than 1 photo to upload! [Don’t forget to TAG everyone you know]

*If you do not have Facebook then please email your entry to [email protected] with the subject line “Halloween Contest 2012”. Be sure to state your full name, name of We Love Colors item worn and your full contact information in the body of the email. When we receive the message we will upload it for you.

Contest Rules:

Costumes must include at least one We Love Colors product.
You may only upload your image once.
You may include up to two shots in the same upload.
Include what We Love Colors product(s) you are wearing in the photo.
Vulgar or inappropriate costumes will not be considered and will be deleted.
In the event of a tie, We Love Colors staff will pick the winner based on creativity and merit.
This worldwide contest is open to all Friends of We Love Colors Facebook Page .
Entries must be Halloween costumes featuring at least ONE product purchased from welovecolors.com.
Entries must be from Halloween 2012 and entries submitted to contests in previous years will not be counted.
This contest will end on the 10th of November 2012 at MIDNIGHT EST.

WINNERS WILL BE ANNOUNCED Wednesday, the 21st of November 2012.


Submission Deadline: November 10, 2012
Last Day to Vote: November 18, 2012
Winners Announced: November 21, 2012

Special Terms for Halloween Contest:
Failure to comply with the contest procedures will result in disqualification. To prevent disruption of our contest by spammers, and ensure the competition is played as fairly as possible, We Love Colors reserves the right to disqualify any entry with a notably disproportionate number of votes, once a thorough investigation has been made. Our decision is final. Once photos have been submitted they become the property of We Love Colors and We Love Colors reserves the right to use them.

Go here for details!

Halloween Beauty Week- Modern Marie Antoinette Flapper Look

This is the last look for Halloween Beauty Week, and boy is it an interesting one! It is by Nikkie Tutorials, and as usual, she does something truly spectacular. This one is for those of you who really like to pursue a different look for Halloween. This look is inspired by a modern day Marie Antoinette Flapper type. Yes all of that and then some. This mix of looks is sure to keep people guessing.

Living Large- Halloween Edition


Leave it to Pinterest to help me find a classy way to decorate for Halloween. What surprised me about this look was the fact that I was actually drawn to it. I hate white pumpkins. I love the traditional orange ones, but white ones used to freak me out. This look, with a little bit of texture and black candle holders,look tres chic. Photo from Pinterest.

Halloween Costumes For Everyone

Plus Size Halloween Costumes
Halloween costumes are fun, sexy, cute, and for everyone.  There are so many option and websites. Making this blog post made my head spin. If you are straight sized or plus sized , you will probably be able to find something you like. The possibilities are endless. I was able to find cute costumes from Halloween Express, Hips & Curves, Target, and Torrid. Be sure to check out Simon Doonan’s, Barney’s creative director, Halloween Costume collection for Target. I am not really the sexy costume type so I tend to wear safer costumes. I am thinking about being a sailor, but I’m not so sure. What are you going to be? Also check out Viva La Qbee’s Halloween makeup tips.
Halloween Costumes

Feelin’ Witchy

Lately I’ve been inspired by by the spiritual world after spending many a night at my boyfriend’s mom’s house. (Which we think could potentially be very haunted). The last night I was there I had a “strange occurence”. I came downstairs with Sue to get some food and everything is quiet.

Although everything is quiet there is a radio in the dining room that we were told never to turn off or change the station. Why? Because the woman who owned the house previously was incredibly Christian and always had a Christian station playing on the radio. She passed away from cancer. It was weird enough that we were told basically never to touch it unless we were going to turn it up. (And god knows that wasn’t on our to-do list).

Anyways, as I went back downstairs alone…. in the dark, literally 5 min after I had just come down with Sue the radio was up blasting that Christian station. No one turned it up because no one was down there. I got chills throughout my entire body like I’ve never felt before. It was one of the weirdest things I had ever felt. There’s a lot of strange little things that go on there like windows slamming shut that are really hard to close, sounds that appear to be someone walking, and dogs barking at nothing a lot during the night time.

Ever since I was a child I was also interested in the spiritual world or whatever you’d like to call it. A lot of people think’s its a bunch of crap, but I’m not so ignorant to the point where I won’t be a little open-minded and at least leave myself open to experience things like that.

Some people will say it’s your mind’s paranoia playing tricks on you, but we all believe different things. And I personally think it isn’t too far off to think a presence can remain somewhere when someone passes especially their home or in other words their domain.

What do you think? Are you a believer in the spiritual side of yourself? Have you ever had a strange occurrence happen to you that made you question if there really is another spiritual realm?

P.S.- Don’t forget Halloween is coming up around the corner. I already know what I’m going to be =]

-Angelena Hipster Scum