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Runaway Runway


Friday night I went to the 701 Whaley building to see the Columbia Art Museum and the Columbia Design Leagues Runaway Runway show. There were a lot of cool clothes there. This year they had over 48 entries in the competition where designers had to make clothes out of recycled goods. I loved the Lady Gaga inspired dress made out of Monster energy drink cans and electrical cords. They also had drag queen entertainment by Party Time Divas and Lady Chablis. If you read my tweets from that night, then you know I had a blast!

Sorry the picture is a little blurry, but I wore a denim jacket from Old Navy, a white tee I shredded, my ASOS maxi skirt, and my Jeffrey Campbell 99 wedges.

Happy Earth Day!!!

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Photo from White Apricot

Happy Earth Day! I hope you all are doing your part to heal the world and make it a cleaner place. Right now I feel like Mother Nature is angry with us. Very angry. I was looking up eco-friendly fashion the other day and found this website called White Apricot. Last year I told you about Green Loop. They are a great eco-friendly clothing store, but I think the White Apricot is a great website for those who are just learning about eco-friendly fashion or want to know about discounts and certain offers. Check out the website and have a great Earth Day.

Happy Earth Day!

Happy Earth Day boys and girls! I wanted to tell you about this website I found for my Dynamics of Fashion class last week. We were talking about sustainability in the fashion industry and going green, so I wrote a little piece on Green Loop. I always have a hard time trying to find cute eco-friendly clothes and accessories, but this website compiles all the hottest green fashion brands together. They have Loomstate, Edun,Tom’s Shoes, Spun and many more. I was so excited about all of the brands they had. They sell men’s and women’s clothing, gifts, accessories, and shoes. The only thing I wished they sold were kid’s clothing and other green items for children. All in all Green Loop. is a really good website that I think you all should check out whether you are in to going green or not.

Photos from Green Loop.