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Hate It or Love it

Hey everyone! I received two pairs of stockings in the mail from We Love Colors! If you don’t know, We Love Colors is an awesome company that sells dancewear, gloves, socks, and shoe laces for men, women, and children, but what they are really know for is their crazy colored hosiery. They sell colored tights, opaque tights, footless tights, men’s tights, women’s tights, children’s tights, patterned tights. All kinds of tights.

we love colors opaque

One of the reasons I like We Love Colors is because they sell plus size hosiery. It is so hard for me to find stockings that fit right and feel soft. I hate when I buy stockings and they fall down, rip, or scratch the heck out of my legs. These stockings fit me so try to size and were so so so soft. The colors they gave me were Amethyst (their new color) and Maroon, and I can totally see myself wearing them in the fall. I am going to get some opaque tights from them for church and work.
Thanks so much We Love Colors! Also make sure you follow them on Twitter @welovecolors for sales and special promotions.

Hate It or Love it

thevi cosmetics review

I am bringing back the Hate It or Love It posts. Wow! I haven’t done one of these since February. Can you say slack?! Last week I received two makeup samples from Thevi Cosmetics. For those of you who don’t know, Thevi Cosmetics was started by Thevaki Thambirajah as a colorful makeup line for multi-ethnic skin.

I want to thank Thevi Cosmetics for sending me these samples because they are actually great. I have yet to receive bad samples from companies in the mail *knocks on wood*. They sent the Lush Mascara in Lush Black and the High Impact Lipstick in Godiva.

thevi cosmetics review

Let me just say this off the bat. I am not a lipstick wearer, so I was about to give it to Mom instead. Something lit up in the back of my mind, and made me try it anyway. It is so soft and smooth. Very,very easy to apply.It isn’t one of those lipsticks that runs all over your face instead of you lips. The color is really beautiful, but I was scared that it would be a little too dark for me. I usually use Aquaphor or Lip Smackers, but I actually liked this color. I can see it as something I would use at night or during the cold weather months.

The mascara was great too because it was very hard to clump. No matter how many coats I put on, it didn’t clump. I actually counted 4 coats and still no clumpage. The mascara is really light, so my lashes look fresh instead of super intense. The brush is long and thin enough to get all of my lashes, even the littlest ones. Another thing I like is the fact that my mascara hasn’t fallen in my eyes yet. I can’t say the same thing about my fav go to brand. I might have to switch. The mascara cost $12.00 and the lipstick costs $13.00.

Don’t forget to check out Thevi Cosmetics here.

The Gossip On Beth Ditto

This just in from England via Catwalk Queen:

OMFG! So it’s no secret that Beth Ditto was hand-picked by Katie Grand to be LOVE magazine’s first cover girl, but we had no idea that she was going to bare all for the job. The sensational Gossip singer has stripped off a second time to launch the debut issue of LOVE (the last time was for NME in 2007). Advanced copies are set to hit Dover Street Market and Harvey Nichols from Saturday now instead of today because apparently they are still being printed. Although if you’re in the area, it’s worth a look.

Hate it or Love it

From Drop Box

I have eczema, so I am constantly on the lookout for great body creams. Nivea Soft creme is so good. I was in Wally World the other day and decided to give it a try. It is so amazing on your lips, face, feet, hands, and just about all over your body. I LOVE IT!!! It is so creamy and soft. Nivea Soft creme has Jojoba Oil and Vitamin E in it, so you know you will be as “Refreshingly Soft” as the bottle claims you will be. Try it. I know you will like it.

Photo taken from nivea.com and “enhanced” by me.

Hate it or Love it

I really love the American Apparel Circle Scarves. I know everyone has seen the ads on just about every website for them, so you know what they are. I bought one in slate and loved it so much that I bought one in black for me and one in black for my mother. She could not get over how soft it was. We also share an olive colored scarf. All of my scarves are warm, but I love my black one because it is made from a thicker material than the other two that I own. I feel like it should really keep me warm in D. C.

I also like how there are so many things that you can do with this scarf. Because it is seamless, you can make it into a dress, capelet, tube top, head wrap, hood, or a hijab. I even found some new ways of wearing it just by playing with it on my own. Try one on today. They cost $28.00, but I have seen SMALLER?!?! versions that cost $20 more at department stores.