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Beauty Bit- Murray’s Edgewax is the Affordable Alternative to Hick’s Edges

Murray's Edgewax

Murray’s Edgewax 100% Australian Beeswax is the affordable edge control solution for natural hair. I found it at Walmart for around $3. This is like the low-cost alternative to Hick’s Edges. I swear it works. I have like 4 category natural hair. I actually have two different textures, and it smooths down.

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Beauty Bit-The Best Edge Control Products for African American Hair

edge control products

I decided to do this video on some the edge control products I found in my local beauty supply stores. Edge control products are mainly for African American hair, and slick your edges back like hair gel. They actually seem like a gel and a pomade, depending on what product you buy. Some edge control products look like lotion. The ones I bought look like a hair gel. Hicks Edges is the best. While I wish it had better ingredients in it, it will hold my hair forever and have it laid. Ampro Shine ‘n Jam Silk Edges is my ultimate cheap favorite. Hicks Edges can be priced anywhere from $12 to $20 depending on the store you go to, but this Ampro product only set me back about $3.09. Score! The Creme of Nature Argan Oil Perfect Edges was $5.99 or so , but sucked. The only good thing about the product was that it smelled good. Watch the video above.

The Best Edge Control Products for African American Hair in the Video Listed from Best to Worst:
Hicks Edges
Ampro Shine ‘n Jam Silk Edges
Creme of Nature Argan Oil Perfect Edges

FCC: I bought these products with my own money.