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Do I Need To Downsize My Life?

downsize my life

downsize my life

So I am sitting here at what is basically 2am in the morning trying to figure out how to downsize my life. I try to keep a clean rooms clean. I try to put things back in their place and not let things pile up on me, but here I am feeling like I am overcrowded and the walls are caving in.

My room looks a mess, and no matter how much I clean the mess comes back the next day. Now I am looking at the Phillip Lim for Target bag that I own that looks just like the Celine bag in the photo. It is so small and I want to carry it, but I haven’t yet because I had carried huge bags for years. I am tired of carrying huge bags though.

I’m currently perusing Target’s website to find the smallest wallet I can find. I feel like buying a tiny or at least a smaller one will force me to start carrying a smaller bag, which will in turn help me downsize my life. Since I am moving at the end of this year, I feel like now is the time to plan my apartment with a minimalist point of view. Even though I have kitchen supplies already boxed up waiting for the day I move, I really am going to try and get back to my clean and minimalist living style.

I am starting with baby steps to get my life back on track. What are you doing to downsize your life? Photo found here.