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A Year In The Life Of The Fat and Skinny

On January 3rd of last year, I started The Fat and Skinny on Fashion as hobby. It was just a blog to show my life,photography, fashion news, and just plain fashion and beauty things that I loved. Since then I have completed my first year of fashion graduate school at the Academy of Art University. I switched majors from fashion merchandising to fashion journalism. I graduated from Columbia College with a degree in business administration.

I completed one internship with fashion website Stylehop.com, another one with the Columbia Urban League, and started a fashion journalism internship with the online plus size magazine Gemini Magazine. You can see one of my articles here on page 24/25. I went to my second presidential inauguration, yapped about my love life or lack of one, got tired of writing about the recession’s effect on the fashion industry, held some contests, attempted to review some fashion shows that I never went to but hope to go to some day, made 2 videos, and struggled to find my blog’s voice and design. Oh and I discussed shoes. Lots and lots of shoes! All in all I think 2009 was a pretty good year for me and my blog.


Here are some of my favorite posts from 2009:

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Oh and the very short first post!


This post was supposed to go out almost a month ago but Blogger was acting funny. I really want to get this magazine. I heard Bruce Weber, Tim Walker and Terry Richardson did the photography for this magazine. I think a magazine for trannys, gender benders, and others is great! Don’t you? My favorite shots are the ones of the top male models dressed up like pin up girls. Via Bryanboy.

CANDY 1 from Luis Venegas on Vimeo.

I Love Photography!

So I finally got a chance to take some pictures with my Nikon D60. I can’t wait to show you some of my new shots. I have shots of flowers, a park, and shots of buildings. In the meantime, I have some more shots of New York City that I want to show you. I took these when I lived there two years ago. I can’t wait until August. Mom and I are planning a trip to NYC. Hopefully we make it there so I can take shots with my new camera.

I Love Photography!!!

I’m bringing back the I Love Photography posts. The first picture was taken at Grand Central Station the last week I lived in New York City, and the second picture was taken down the street from Macy’s. I looked up and saw this sky walk. I really want to go back and take some more pictures of it. As usual, I am asking for a critique so I can improve my photography skills. Here is a link to a previous I Love Photography post.

My Cameras

Journey’s Through Fashion recently asked in the comments section what camera do I use. Well I use several. The pictures I took of my shoes were taken with a Canon EOS Rebel 2000 35 mm SLR. Then I put them in Poladroid. It is a program that lets you change your photos in to Polaroids. I also use a Holga that I modified to shoot 35 mm film instead of 120 film.

I am excited because I just bought a Flip digital camcorder that shoots about 60 mins of video I can’t wait to try and shoot a video for you guys.

Then for my digital pictures, like the ones from the Inauguration, I use Kodak Easy Share V1003. It is a little 10 megapixel point and shoot. I am trying to figure out what DSLR I want. I am looking at Nikon’s. Which DSLR do you all like?

I Love Photography!!!

This is another one of my photos. As usual, I am asking for critiques so I can improve my work. I took this for a class assignment. I was downtown and shot these lovely pink flowers last semester for my first photography class. I developed the film myself. Developing film can get tricky. I was lucky I didn’t mess anything up. Even though I loved taking that class, it was fun, I feel like because I actually learned photography instead of going with my gut like used messed me up. I feel like when I just used my intuition, my photos were better.